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What makes Sea-Mountain special?

We are a family focused insurance agency. We are very proud of the way our own Sea-Mountain employees describe why they work for our company:


Linda James says:
"Sea Mountains management and staff care a great deal about their clients and care about each other, and it shows in their everyday interactions with clients and coworkers. An excellent and rewarding place to work."

Gina Hunter says:
"One of the most important things to me when selecting an organization to join is the trust of its employees. Hiring the right people/person and then trusting and empowering them to make the decisions required of them each day is often based solely on the employee’s judgment and good sense.
Sea-Mountain does a great job of doing just that."

Patty Schuermeyer says:
"“Sea-Mountain both talks the talk and walks the walk; they genuinely care about their employees. Management checks in often to facilitate this and make sure this is true. I have a service-minded personality, and Sea-Mountain provides me with the tools to provide good service to my assigned accounts. SMI, as a whole, cares about its clients. I am grateful for this!"

Cathy Elliott says:
"“Sea Mountain is a family-owned company, and many of the employees are family, and those of us that are not family are treated like family. SMI provides a work environment that is supportive, friendly, accommodating, and caring. That level of support is appreciated by those who have worked at other businesses that don’t offer this same environment."


The hiring timeline you can expect:
  • Submit your application – About thirty minutes
  • Introductory call – In thirty minutes by phone
  • Complete two pre-hire assessments – In forty-five minutes online
  • We’ll check references – Please give us two to three working days
  • Informal meet – Lunch or Dinner
  • Pre-offer interview- Up to three hours in person
  • Make an offer – Within two business days


What this job is NOT:
  • Us giving you a book of our current clients to service. We are looking for a sales professional to organically grow their book of business.
  • Micromanaged. Trust is fundamental at SMI. We want to work with individuals who enjoy autonomy and have the skills necessary to get the job done.
  • For producers who cut corners. We want to grow our agency the right way, and do what’s best for our clients and company partners.
  • A service role. This job is for a sales professional who is excited about the independence and freedom our team and sales system provide.


What you’ll get as Sea-Mountain team member:
  • A knowledgeable account management team, ready to service your clients to our exceptionally high standards.
  • An experienced and informed sales manager who will you grow your book of business
  • Analytics assistance and strategy for better decision making
  • In-house many of the best insurance companies in the market
  • Paid sick leave and PPL
  • A bunch of jokes on the daily, some better than others!




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