A brief overview of Inland Marine Insurance

Inland Marine Insurance applies to goods and property transported by land, an extension of ocean marine insurance, which protects property transported by water. These two are typically referred to as “dry” marine insurance and “wet” marine insurance.

Inland marine insurance protects the property in transport either on land or sometimes on inland waters.

It typically provides property protection from fire, lightning, wind, flooding, landslides, theft, collision, derailment, and overturned vehicles. And the scope of what it covers is wide-ranging.

Structures that facilitate inland transportation such as bridges and tunnels can be protected, as can moveable equipment, such as construction equipment, tools, and building materials. Coverage can extend to construction projects, and this type of insurance can cover even transmission towers.

But it also applies to valuable goods, including medical equipment, jewelry, furs, artwork, guns, sporting equipment, and much more. If it moves on land, it can be covered.

And it continues to evolve.

Over the years, Inland Marine Insurance has broadened to other types of coverages, including:

  • Accounts Receivable Insurance
  • Installment Insurance
  • Installation Insurance
  • Equipment Floaters Insurance
  • Valuable Records Insurance (Papers)
  • Consignment Insurance
  • Parcel Post Insurance

These lists aren’t exhaustive, but hopefully, provide a glimpse into the depth and variety of Inland Marine Insurance.