Contractor Surety Bond Insurance

Sea Mountain Insurance specializes in contractor surety bonds, and we know that protecting your business is critical to your success.

Bid Bond Insurance

This is usually used by construction contractors who are bidding on a project. If they are awarded the contract, they must post a bid bond to ensure that they will start the work immediately.

Payment Bond Insurance

This is generally used by contractors who are performing work on a contract or project for which their compensation is not paid until completion of all work.

License Bond Insurance

This is also known as License Payment Bond. This surety bond ensures that the contractor has the necessary license or certification for work that he or she may perform.

Supply Bond Insurance

This surety bond ensures that labor or materials will be available at designated times during the construction period.


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At Sea Mountain Insurance, we're not your typical insurance agency. We're an independent insurance agency representing some of the top property & casualty companies in the country. We're able to offer our clients a broad range of products that provide them with the assurance that they need to protect their assets, their family's future, and their livelihood. Contact us about Contractors Bonds or for a free review and quote for Contractors Bonds.



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