Equine Custody Insurance

Sea Mountain Insurance offers equine care liability coverage that is not exclusive to your horse. We provide public liability insurance for all animals in your care, custody or control.

Liability coverage for all animals

Sea Mountain Insurance has a provision in its insurance policies that covers any animal in your care, custody or control, including horses. If an animal is injured or dies, you are covered.

Protection for equine professionals

If you are a trainer, boarding stable owner or owner of a breeding farm, you CANNOT AFFORD to be without this protection. Fortunately, there is now a method of protecting yourself when you have animals that are in your custody. This protection is called Care Custody Control Insurance coverage. It provides coverage for liability claims and veterinary expenses due to injury or illness while the horse was in the insured's care.

Protect your business with Care Custody Control Insurance coverage

There are many types of accidents that can happen to an equine professional during their day-to-day operations. When one of these accidents occur, you need to know how to protect yourself and your business from any potential liabilities. With Sea Mountain's Care Custody Control Insurance, you can protect both yourself and your business from the financial risk associated with caring for animals. It provides coverage for liability claims.


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