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If you think your standard Liability insurance covers you when you board, breed or have another person's animal in your custody for any reason , please, read on. You may save yourself much grief and money.

All public liability policies have a provision that excludes coverage for any animal for injury or death that you have in your care, custody or control. Yet, the fact that you are not covered does not absolve you from legal responsibility for loss of an animal due to your own possible negligence. If you are a trainer, boarding stable owner or owner of a breeding farm, you CANNOT AFFORD to be without this protection. Fortunately, there is now a method of protecting yourself when you have animals that are in your custody. This protection is called Care Custody Control Insurance coverage. It protects you against Liability resulting from death or injury to animals in your custody not only from fire but also from other causes. The protection provides that if an animal owner makes negligence claims against a policyholder covered by this type of insurance, the insurance company will defend and will be responsible for making payment if it is determined that the loss is due to negligence and policyholder is legally liable.

Coverage is provided at a variety of per horse limits and aggregates can be made part of many general liability and farm policies.


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