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A Home Inventory List

WED | MAR 03, 2021

The average person owns 300,000 items. Three. Hundred. Thousand. Items.


Earthquakes: Be prepared, Be insured.

THU | FEB 25, 2021

According to, nearly half of the fifty states experience at least one earthquake annually.


Why You Might Need Artisan Contractor Insurance

TUE | FEB 23, 2021

Construction jobs involve a variety of general and specialized skills, usually overseen by the general contractor.


Snow, Ice and Roofs

FRI | FEB 19, 2021

That makes for a great song title, but snow’s not as much fun when it’s piling on top of your roof.


FAQ: Insuring Business Vehicles

THU | FEB 18, 2021

If your company owns vehicles used in the regular course of doing business, you likely need Business Auto Policy (BAP) coverage.


What Is an Annuity?

TUE | FEB 16, 2021

Consumers have more and more financial tools at their disposal to help them save for their future, but one of the least known is an annuity.


Call before you dig … yes, you!

THU | FEB 11, 2021

We’ve all heard the refrain…Call before you dig. You might think this is for construction workers or excavators. But it applies to you, too, even if you want to plant flowers in your front yard.


Insuring Your Small Manufacturing Business

TUE | FEB 09, 2021

As a manufacturer, your business faces unique risks, and you may need specific coverages to protect your business activities fully.


10 Ways to Add Home Security Without Breaking the Bank

TUE | JAN 26, 2021

The afterglow of the new year is a great time to reevaluate the security of your home and those new presents from the holidays.


Winter Prep and Driving Tips + 3 Ways to Save Money

MON | JAN 11, 2021

The best way to save money on car insurance is to drive safely.


Ordinance Coverage

MON | DEC 28, 2020

Every municipality sets its own city ordinances, and those are updated over time as safer products or techniques become available.


Do you need professional liability insurance?

MON | DEC 28, 2020

If you work in a career in which your professional knowledge and training dramatically impact the lives of others, and you could be sued if someone alleges you provided terrible advice, you might benefit from professional liability insurance.


How to Protect Yourself from Employee Lawsuits

MON | DEC 21, 2020

Lawsuits brought against employers by current or past employees, and even prospective employees who feel they were unfairly denied employment, have been rising in recent years.


How to Insure Your Home-based Business

SUN | DEC 20, 2020

More and more of us work remotely from our homes, many of us establish full or part-time businesses based in our homes, and others may work elsewhere but still maintain a home office dedicated to our work.


How to Keep Your Workplace Safe During the Winter

THU | DEC 03, 2020

If you own a business, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared to provide a safe and hazard-free workplace during the winter months.


Winter Prep & Insurance

THU | NOV 26, 2020

Running through a winter preparation list now can help you protect yourself, your home, and your property.


Six Tips for Being a Successful At-home Worker

TUE | NOV 24, 2020

Whether you’re taking advantage of your employer’s remote worker policy, or you’re an entrepreneur or freelancer establishing a home office, it’s important to establish habits early that can help ensure your success.


A brief overview of Inland Marine Insurance

THU | NOV 05, 2020

Inland Marine Insurance applies to goods and property transported by land, an extension of ocean marine insurance, which protects property transported by water.


Know Your Rights as a Tenant

TUE | NOV 03, 2020

If you rent property from a private individual or management company, you may think they have all the power as the property owner, but that’s not the case.


The Original Insurance – Ocean Marine

MON | OCT 26, 2020

Did you know that the first known form of insurance was created to protect ocean vessels and their cargo.


Employee Spotlight: Nate Hopper

WED | OCT 07, 2020

Nate Hopper has been working at Sea-Mountain since 2014. In honor of his upcoming wedding this month let’s take an opportunity to get to know Nate a little better!


Celebrate the Positive

SUN | SEP 13, 2020

Today marks Positive Thinking Day.


Developing a Storm Preparedness Plan for Your Boat: Tropical Storms and Hurricanes

SUN | AUG 23, 2020

We continue to monitor devastating natural disasters across our country. In the last week we have seen derechos, destructive wildfires and now two tropical storms on a collision course in the Gulf of Mexico. Planning for these disasters have never been more important.


Service and Community Preserve Alaska Salmon Fisheries

THU | AUG 20, 2020

At Sea Mountain Insurance, we're privileged to know and serve commercial fishermen in Alaska and Washington by placing insurance on their vessels.


8 Ways to Stay Connected with Friends & Family Today

WED | JUL 29, 2020

Some of the most important commodities on this planet are our health, love, & happiness.


Your Water Safety Checklist

FRI | JUN 05, 2020

It’s a good time to review this water safety checklist and take action now to keep you and your loved ones safe this summer.


Equine Insurance Claims: Fact or Fiction?

WED | MAY 27, 2020

We’re horse people too and understand what you are feeling when your horse is injured or sick. We are happy to assist you in filing a claim to ease the stress of the situation.


Equine Care Custody Control Coverage

WED | MAY 20, 2020

Care, Custody & Control is a secondary type of liability insurance added to your policy that provides coverage for the loss of a horse that is in your care, custody or control, but not owned or leased by you.


Holding an Equine Event or Clinic?

FRI | MAY 15, 2020

Events and clinics are a great way to build community and a fun way to educate yourself and others.


10 Ways to Keep Your Family Safe Around Water

FRI | MAY 01, 2020

Whatever your water fun preference, make sure you and your loved ones don’t end up as a statistic by following these ten water safety rules.


Tips for Trading in an Automobile

WED | APR 22, 2020

If you're thinking about purchasing a new car or truck, it makes sense that you might trade in your current vehicle to help you with a down payment. Or maybe you have a vehicle you no longer need and are just looking for a way to make some extra cash.


Top Reminders for Teen Drivers

WED | APR 15, 2020

If there's one thing that research points out, it's that teens are, literally, the worst drivers. According to the CDC, motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death for teenagers, and the risk of motor vehicle crashes is higher among teens aged 16-19 than among any other age group.


Top 5 Tax Saving Tips for Small Businesses

WED | APR 01, 2020

If you're a small business owner, every dollar counts, and tax preparation is no exception. The good news is that there are many ways for small business owners to maximize credits and deductions, and to find help and resources for preparation. Here are our top five tips for a stress-free tax season.


The Hidden Costs of Connected Cars

WED | MAR 25, 2020

You get rear-ended at an icy intersection or sideswiped in a parking lot: an inconvenient, but manageable problem. You alert your insurance and contact your mechanic to discuss repairs. But if your car is a recent model, what comes next might be more involved than you anticipated.


Wedding Season Tips

WED | MAR 18, 2020

Getting married this summer? Read on for ways that marriage affects insurance and other financial considerations to handle before tying the knot.


How to Handle a Flat Tire (Almost) Like a Pro

WED | FEB 19, 2020

If you don't have the resources to handle it, a flat tire can ruin your plans, and sometimes, your day. But, under the right circumstances, anyone can safely change a tire. Here's what you need to know to be ready for a flat, how to change it yourself, and when to call for help.


At Home: Keeping Appliances in Check

WED | FEB 12, 2020

How do you keep your appliances running their best, and getting a good return for your investment by having them work for as many years as possible? Here are a few tips to improve the performance and longevity of appliances.


Tips for Achieving and Maintaining Good Credit

WED | FEB 05, 2020

We all start the New Year vowing to do better, with our health, our relationships, and of course, our finances. But how do you even begin to make improvements if your financial situation is far less than ideal?


Snow, Ice, and Roofs

WED | JAN 29, 2020

There are a variety of potentially serious and costly problems that can happen when you allow too much snow to pile up on your roof: water damage, leakage and in some extreme cases, collapse.


Corporate Responsibility

WED | JAN 22, 2020

A corporation's responsibility is to its shareholders and bottom line.


10 Tips for Driving in a Snowstorm

WED | JAN 15, 2020

Even if you're used to it, driving on ice and snow can be nerve-wracking even during clear skies.


Which Policy is Best for Your Business

THU | JAN 02, 2020

Starting your own business is inherently risky.


Tips for Outdoor Lighting

WED | DEC 25, 2019

You put so much into the interior of your home, and maybe even its landscaping and outdoor spaces.


End of the Year Insurance Checklist

WED | DEC 18, 2019

As the end of the year approaches, it's a good time to take inventory, reflect on the past, and make plans for future goals.


Insurance Policies for Home, Recreation, Travel & More

WED | DEC 11, 2019

We've all got plans for the holidays and winter season: trips to take, winter activities to try, and the everyday to-do lists that don't stop just because the cold weather has arrived.


All About Artisan Contractors

WED | DEC 04, 2019

Artisan contractors are essential to the building industry and to making indoor spaces functional and beautiful.


Top 10 Tips to Make Sure Your Car is Winter Ready

WED | NOV 27, 2019

Make sure your automobile is up to the challenge by getting it winter ready.


Homeowner Safety: Before You Dig...

WED | NOV 20, 2019

"Call before you dig" is a refrain you may have already heard from Public Service Announcements on the radio or TV.


Bon Appetit: Holiday Food Safety

WED | NOV 13, 2019

The holidays are a time for potlucks, office parties, and food-related gifts. But how can you be sure that mystery casserole, fruitcake gift basket, or shrimp cocktail are safe to eat?


Business Owners Policy

WED | NOV 06, 2019

Running a small business in Washington can bring daily challenges, from minor equipment breakdowns to staff or customer injuries; or damage to your building caused by a storm or break in.


Brits, Beans, and Boats: How Underwriting Was Born

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

Coffee really is a wonderful thing. It tastes and smells heavenly, especially first thing in the morning. It enlivens us when we're sluggish, and bolsters our courage when we're timid. It sharpens our minds and makes our tongues more articulate.


Healthy, Wealthy and Wise: Maintaining a Healthy Workplace

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

Many of us spend more time at work than we do at home. That's why it's important to ensure your work environment is a healthy one in which you and your employees are protected from potential dangers and safe from exposure to harmful chemicals.


Home Health: Tips for Making Your Shelter Healthy

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

It's the place where we seek rest and respite from the demands of the workday and the outside world. It's where we spend quality time with friends and family. It's where we cook, eat, sleep, shower, and sit by the fire. It's home, and it really is sweet.


Wacky Insurance | Insurance You Never Knew You Needed

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

With your auto insurance, life insurance, home insurance, health insurance, and business insurance, you're probably pretty confident you've got all your bases covered. No matter what might happen, you have a policy in place to offset any of the misfortunes that could befall you or your property.


A New Lease on Life: Life Insurance

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

Last month's New Year celebrations had good cause; we have a chance to be grateful for the years behind us as we look forward to the years ahead. Chances are, as we clinked champagne glasses with friends and family, the idea of not being around to celebrate with them next year never crossed our mind


Insurance for the Age of Technology

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

Times have changed, and Washington insurance options have followed suit. Today, most of us rely heavily on technology to keep both our businesses and our personal lives running smoothly.


Keep Warm Wisely: How to Safely Heat Your Washington Home

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

Is there anything quite so pleasant as coming home to a warm and cozy house on a cold winter's day? Home isn't just where the heart is; in the winter, it's also where the hearth is.


Safety Checklist for Washington Households

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

When business trips, family vacations, fun weekend getaways, or even long workdays keep you away, it's important for Washington homeowners to know your home sweet home is safe in your absence.


New Year, New Policy

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

The New Year is traditionally a time of renewal and revision. We stay up late on December 31 to drink champagne and kiss the one we love-all in celebration of the fact that we have been granted a fresh start.


Winter Driving Emergency Supply Kits

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

Your stocking may be full this Christmas, but what about your emergency supply kit for winter driving? It, too, should be full of goodies: handy supplies and equipment to ensure you and your loved ones stay safe and warm in the event of a road-related emergency.


Winter Driving Tips

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

Roads can be positively deadly in the wintertime. According to, there were an average of 467 fatalities per year between 2008 and 2010 due to icy roads alone. And, even if you live in warmer climates, winter driving can be a wild and wooly experience regardless.


Protecting Your Company's Assets: Enjoy Business Peace of Mind

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

You're probably accustomed to taking stock of the assets that lend spark to your personal life - jewelry, collectibles, and art, for example. But your business has assets, too. Have you taken the time to assess just what they may be, and obtain the coverage you need to ensure their protection?


Do You Know D&O? Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

D&O is the common abbreviation for Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance. This is a type of liability insurance that protects Washington directors and officers of an organization by covering damages or defense costs in the event that they are sued for alleged wrongful acts.


Not-So-Merry-Mishaps: Holiday Accidents

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

In Washington, the holidays are a special time of year for so many reasons. They may be spiritually significant, or bring us closer to our friends and families. They are a time of giving, gathering, and sharing good food.


Are You Side Business Savvy?

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

According to a 2011 statistic from, 35 percent of workers under the age of 31 have started a side business to supplement their income. Millenials are multitalented, and may be more eager to use their varied skills in different capacities than previous generations.


Safe Travels

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

It's that time of year again when many of us in the Washington hop into a plane, train, or automobile to spend the holidays with far-flung friends and relatives.


Securing the Right Password

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

Most of us in Washington use dozens of websites that require a username and password. Trying to remember your username is hard enough, but trying to remember an assortment of passwords can seem virtually impossible.


Protecting Your Business from Employee Lawsuits

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

Even Washington businesses with the most effective Human Resources Departments and the happiest of employees are vulnerable to lawsuits. Unforeseen situations can quickly escalate, positive working relationships can turn sour, and employees can become litigious, sometimes without a valid reason.


Cozy and Safe: A Winterized Home

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

Before winter strikes in Washington, most of us tuck away our summer clothes and bring out the sweaters, coats, and scarves that will keep our bodies cozy when there's a chill in the air.


Earthquakes: Are You Ready?

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

Those who live on the West Coast have experienced their share of scary tremors, and even residents of the Midwest and South are threatened by quakes originating in the New Madrid Fault Line. Since virtually every portion of the U.S. is vulnerable to earthquakes, it is prudent to be prepared.


Creating Your Own Emergency Supply Kit

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

As youngsters, the more serious-minded among us were vigilant about making the Scout motto "Be Prepared" a reality. Now with the latest round of earthquakes and hurricanes, the old adage is more relevant than ever.


National Preparedness Month

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

September is here, and you know what that means. It marks the end of summer and the beginning of school and falling leaves. What you probably didn't know is that September also stands for National Preparedness Month (NPM).


Back to School Insurance Basics

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

For those with kids, back to school time is here. At this point, the back to school shopping is done, and now it's back to new homerooms, homework, sports, extracurricular activities, school plays, and the list goes on.


Thunderstorm Safety Tips

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

The heat and humidity that tend to lurk around in the summer months around Washington create the perfect recipe for thunderstorms. Occurring either late in the afternoon after big black clouds slowly build up and rumble or springing up out of nowhere.


Summer and Fall Grill Safety

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

Has this ever happened to you? You turn on the gas to your grill, try to light it and nothing happens. A few seconds pass, you keep hitting the ignite switch and finally it lights with force, due to all of the gas that's been slowly leaking out.


Outdoor Work Safety, The Biggest On-Site Risks

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

Reality television has a way of glamorizing good, old fashioned outdoor work, with shows like "Extreme Loggers," "Deadliest Catch" and "Dirty Jobs."


Immunization Awareness Month

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

August marks the beginning of back to school shopping and the last full month of summer. And with fall peeking its head over the horizon, bringing with it the start of cold and flu season, it makes sense that August also marks National Immunization Awareness Month.


Earthquakes, floods and landslides in the NW

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

Earthquakes have certainly grabbed our attention in the news these days and as a local, independent insurance agency, we can handle your Earthquake insurance needs.


Does a flood insurance policy cover property damage from a Tsunami trigger

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

Does a flood insurance policy cover property damage from a Tsunami triggered by an earthquake?


Tips You Can Use: Higher Deductibles - Are They Worth It?

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

In these cost-conscious days, everyone is trying to save money wherever and whenever they can. It seems that people may especially look to their insurance policies as a place to realize some savings.


Potential Coverage Gap from Domestic Employees' Owned Autos

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

If you have a domestic employee, such as a gardener, housekeeper, or nanny, who drives his or her own auto while working for you, there is a potential for you to incur liability arising from their driving that would not be adequately insured.


Want to Maximize Your Insurance Dollars?

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

Want to Maximize Your Insurance Dollars? Make 'Conduct a Home Inventory' One of Your New Year's Resolutions


Celebrate the Season of Light Safely

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

I.I.I. Offers Holiday Safety Tips


Environmental Liability and Your Business

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

What do real estate firms, golf courses, law offices, banks, farm owners, contractors, dry cleaners and gas stations have in common?


Insurance for Artisan Contractors

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

Artisan contractors like carpenters, roofers, electricians and plumbers often have basic insurance needs taken care of through a Business Owners Insurance Policy (BOP)


Insurance for Business Offices

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

An office is the primary or only premises for numerous types of small businesses, including, for example, employment, travel, collection, insurance, advertising, and other agencies.


Insurance for Construction Contractors

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

Construction businesses need the same kind of insurance as other businesses, but special situation unique to the building trades mean you often need supplemental insurance.


What is in a standard homeowners insurance policy?

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

A standard homeowners insurance policy includes four essential types of coverage. They include:


Directors and Officers Insurance

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

Most business insurance policies are designed to protect the assets and earning of the business entity.


Insurance for Non-Profit Organizations

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

Like a business or a homeowner, a nonprofit organization needs to protect its property from loss from a fire, by theft and from many other hazards.


Insurance for Small Manufacturers

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

Although the range of different product manufacturers produces is huge, with only a few exceptions the risk exposures differ more in degree than in kind.


The Weather is Changing, and so is the Time: Safety Tips for October

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

As winter starts to set in most of us will be spending more time indoors. Now is a good time to review this checklist for safety, comfort, and savings. Around your home...


What to do after a car accident

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

See Also: Insurance Company Claim Phone Numbers and Website


What you need to do after a homeowner loss

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

See Also: Insurance Company Claim Phone Numbers and Website


Internet Business (and Insurance)

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

If your business promotes or markets its products or services over the Internet, there are unique property and liability risks.


Avoid Phone Conversations and Texting Behind the Wheel

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, driver distractions are a contributing cause in approximately 25 percent of all motor vehicle crashes or about 1.2 million accidents.


What is an Annuity?

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

In its most general sense, an annuity is an agreement for one person or organization to pay another a stream or series of payments.


Defuse Those Electrical Fires

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

Defective electrical wiring systems cause approximately 40,000 residential fires annually, according to a United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) study.


Are there any disasters my property insurance won't cover

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

Yes. Floods, earthquakes and acts of terrorism are generally not covered


Life Insurance for Key Employees

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

Who Is a Key Employee?


What should I know about Risk Management?

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

What is risk management?


Insuring Business Vehicles

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

What is business vehicle insurance?


Do "Empty Nesters" Need Life Insurance?

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

Quite possibly. Here are 10 reasons to own life insurance after your kids have left home:


How do I pick a Health Plan?

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

If your employer gives you a choice of plans or you need to purchase your own coverage, it is crucial that you understand your health insurance choices and pick the insurance that is best for you and your family.


What are the types of term insurance policies?

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

Term insurance comes in two basic varieties-level term and decreasing term. These days, almost everyone buys level term insurance.


How should I choose what type of life insurance to buy?

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

You should consider term life insurance if:


How should I organize and store my life insurance records?

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

The last thing you want to happen after you die is for your beneficiaries to be unable to locate and submit a claim on your life insurance.


Water Back Up: Prevention and Protection

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

There are a number of preventative measures you can take to avoid water back up damage and minimize the amount of damage should it occur.


Understanding the Need for Long Term Care Insurance

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

Long Term Care Insurance (LTC) is designed to reimburse you for expenses for everyday living assistance, should something happen to you.


Protecting Your Family From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, over 200 people in the United States die annually from carbon monoxide poisoning, usually due to faulty gas appliances.


Does Your Business Need Business Interruption Insurance?

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

Business Interruption Insurance (BII) is an often overlooked insurance coverage that protects against exposures to loss every bit is vital as fire or litigation.


Y2K7 - Y2K Lite

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

At first blush, moving the groggy transition from standard time to saving time doesn't seem like much of an event.


Disability Insurance Basics

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

Disability Insurance is designed to reimburse lost wages in the event of a disabling accident or illness.


Inland Marine Insurance Basics

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

Ocean marine insurance is sometimes referred to as "wet" Marine Insurance.


Professional Liability Insurance Basics

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

Professional Liability Insurance...what is that and who needs it?


Employment Practices, Risk and Management

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

A survey of 422 businesses in May and June of 2006* indicated that, for 89% of the participants, at least one new law suit was filed in the prior year.


Business Emergency Planning

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

Twenty five percent of the businesses forced to close due to a disaster or emergency never reopen.


Wireless (Wi Fi) Security in the Home

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

Your home or small business wireless network comes with security but it won't work if you don't turn it on.


Home Business Insurance Basics

FRI | NOV 01, 2019

What is a small business? Small is a subjective word, meaning different things to different people.


Ocean Marine Insurance Basics

THU | OCT 31, 2019

Ocean Marine Insurance is generally regarded as the oldest form of insurance.


Winter Homeowner Safety

WED | OCT 30, 2019

For those who live in snowy climates, winter is on the way. Take advantage of those sunny fall days to prepare your home and yard for frigid temperatures and icy conditions before the snow flies.


Car Recalls: Everything You Need to Know

WED | OCT 16, 2019

Every week there's a new recall in the news, and it seems that no auto retailer has gone unpunished for some minor or major manufacturing defect that has put its customers at risk.


Fall ATV Safety

WED | OCT 09, 2019

All Terrain Vehicles, or ATVs, can provide hours of thrilling fall fun. But they can also be extremely dangerous.


Retirement Preparation for a Stress Free Post-Work Life

WED | OCT 02, 2019

Finances can be stressful when you're approaching retirement; but not taking an honest at your financial picture can make things much worse later on.


The Hows and Whys of Business Plans: Save Yourself Time and Energy

WED | SEP 25, 2019

If you're thinking of starting a business, writing a business plan may seem overwhelming, unnecessary, or both. Maybe you're going into an industry you already know extremely well; or maybe you simply feel confident that you know where you want to go and can articulate it to others.


Top Ten Tips for Storing and Insuring your Stuff

WED | SEP 18, 2019

Americans love their stuff. And most of us have things in storage somewhere: the garage, attic, basement, or a storage unit off site. But what's the point of having all these things if they never get used, looked at, or if you can't even remember you have something you need when


Renters Rights and Insurance, How to Protect Yourself in Any Situation

WED | SEP 11, 2019

As a renter, it may seem that you have little control over the property in which you live. But every state has laws to protect renters from the beginning to the end of the process. It's important to know your rights and responsibilities as a renter, so you can protect yourself in


Safety tips for trampolines and other high-risk backyard fun

WED | SEP 04, 2019

Trampolines, swingsets and other backyard play equipment can be scream-your-head-off fun, but also incredibly dangerous. Here are some things you should know, and steps you can take to make your backyard a haven for safe play:


How do You Insure a Restaurant or Food Service Business

WED | AUG 28, 2019

Opening a restaurant is a lifelong dream for some small business owners. And as with starting any business, it takes a lot of guts, not to mention blood, sweat, and tears, just to get it up and running.


Insurance Coverage for Outbuildings

WED | AUG 21, 2019

There are many reasons you might have additional buildings or structures on your property. Often, these buildings will be covered by your homeowner's insurance. Here's everything you need to know about insuring other structures on your property.


Insurance for Seasonal Homes

WED | AUG 07, 2019

Having a seasonal home in your favorite vacation spot is part of the American dream for many families. A seasonal home requires maintenance and protection, which is difficult to do when you're not there most of the time. Here's what you should consider when purchasing and insuring your seasonal home


Car Tire Safety

WED | JUL 31, 2019

Good tires are essential for safe driving and a smooth ride. Regular tire maintenance is relatively simple and inexpensive, and can greatly extend the life of your tires. Here are the basic things you need to know to maintain your current tires or to purchase new ones.


Motorcycle Insurance & Safety

WED | JUL 24, 2019

Although motorcycle enthusiasts in certain areas of the country are able to ride year round, spring and summer is when most bike owners are finally able to get out there on the open road. Before you take that first ride, make sure that your bike is up to the task and ready to go.


What to know about having a board of directors for your business

WED | JUL 10, 2019

When a private company becomes a corporation, it's required by law that the company assemble a board of directors. Here's what you need to know if you are a business owner or nonprofit director who wants to put together a top-notch board of directors.


Wearing a Helmet

WED | JUL 03, 2019

Whether you're on a bike, motorcycle, or an all-terrain-vehicle (ATV), you should always wear a helmet. Although many states have helmet laws, they can vary quite a bit. So why should you wear a helmet, even if it's not the law?


Driving Safety: Tips & Tricks for Securing Cargo

WED | JUN 26, 2019

Summer means that millions of Americans will soon start packing their cars to go camping, visit the beach or faraway relatives only to find that there's not enough room for all of their stuff. Here's all you need to know about securing your stuff before you hit the road.


Pool Safety: Taking Care of Your Pool

WED | JUN 19, 2019

Owning a pool takes some time and energy, but keeping it clean ensures the safety of your guests and the longevity of your investment. Follow these tips for regular upkeep so you can spend more time enjoying your pool than you do maintaining it:


Tree Care for Homeowners

WED | JUN 12, 2019

Trees add a lot to a community and neighborhood in Washington, and they even enhance the value of the properties they inhabit. Here are some ways to maintain trees on your property.


Boating Safety Checklist

WED | JUN 05, 2019

For boating enthusiasts, being out on the water is the best part of summer--but only if nothing goes wrong. The U.S. Coast Guard and the National Safety Council offer many ways that recreational boaters can stay safe on the water and minimize the risk of injury.


What is Inland Marine Insurance?

WED | MAY 29, 2019

Although the idea for Inland Marine Insurance was inspired by Ocean Marine Insurance, it doesn't actually have anything to do with the sea. So does your business need Inland Marine Insurance?


Safe Driving Tips, Part 2: All About Focus

WED | MAY 22, 2019

We're all distracted these days. In every moment, there are dozens of things competing for our attention, and well, driving is no exception. So how do we keep our attention where it needs to be?


Spring Homeowner Safety Checklist

WED | MAY 15, 2019

Take a weekend to tend to your home's basic needs after a long winter. These important home maintenance tasks can save you time and money in the long run as well as prevent serious problems or safety hazards that could damage your home or put your family at risk.


UTV and ATV Insurance

WED | MAY 01, 2019

It can be a thrilling experience to get out and experience nature in an off-road vehicle. If you're the owner of an ATV or UTV, it's important to be sure you're properly covered to protect yourself, others and your vehicle from loss or damage.


Safe Driving Tips

WED | APR 24, 2019

According to the National Safety Council, someone is killed in a car accident every 15 minutes, and many more are injured each day. Here are some basics to review to make sure that you're doing your part to be a responsible driver, and to protect yourself and your community.


Spring into Spring Cleaning

WED | APR 17, 2019

We all love how fresh and wonderful a home can feel after a good spring cleaning; but getting started can be overwhelming. Here's how to get maximum results, whether you have a few hours, a few days, or no extra time at all.


Types of Business Risks

WED | APR 10, 2019

If you're a business owner, you need insurance. Here are some risks and coverages you will want to take into account as you work with Sea Mountain Insurance to find the right plan for you.


Teenage Drivers

WED | APR 03, 2019

Many parents rightly experience a strong anxiety when turning over the car keys to their new teen driver. There are several things a parent can do to make sure that the teenage driving experience is a safe one.


Lessons from Tech World Culture

WED | MAR 27, 2019

Companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon have set up alternative work cultures, with food and exercise on site. So what can small businesses learn from these uber-successful tech giants? And how can they implement similar ideas without breaking the bank?


The Effects of Stress

WED | MAR 20, 2019

Everyone experiences stress and not all of it is bad. But when stress levels stay high or become chronic, they can cause a huge variety of health issues or make existing health problems worse. Overproduction of stress hormones can damage the brain, heart, and other organs.


Home Sales: Quick fixes for a quick turnaround

WED | MAR 13, 2019

Selling your home this summer? If so, there are some quick cosmetic fixes that can make a big difference, and starting now can help. There are several things you can do to make your home more attractive to buyers that won't require a ton of time and money just a little of each.


Top 10 Most Expensive Cars to Insure

WED | MAR 06, 2019

Spring is fast approaching and for some drivers that means it's time to shop for a new car. The following cars are rated as the top ten most expensive cars to insure. However, at the end of the day, several factors affect your car insurance premium, not just the price tag on your dream vehicle.


Finding the Work/Life Balance

WED | FEB 27, 2019

Balance... that thing you swing past on the way from one extreme to the other. But doing that as a rule can make you irritable, lead to burnout, and in some cases, ruin relationships. Here's how to inch a little closer to balance if your life has gotten out of whack.


Can A Home Renovation Affect My Insurance

WED | FEB 20, 2019

You've decided to remodel your home. Any change to the structure or use of the property will, more often than not, change your policy. However, you'll never know until you contact your insurance company, which you should do before any type of home renovation.


Check your Blood Pressure Month

WED | FEB 13, 2019

February is American Heart Month, and even if you don't have heart disease, it's time to learn whether you're at risk, and what you can do about it. High blood pressure is a leading cause of death in Americans and one of the most important things to address for a healthy heart.


Launching a Business: How do you know you're ready?

WED | FEB 06, 2019

It seems like a lot of people have a side hustle these days, a way to make some extra money or pursue the things that really strike their interests. And plenty of people have turned even their most unusual hobbies, dreams and ideas into full-time careers.


Protecting Your Privacy in the New Year

WED | JAN 23, 2019

It seems like every week there was a new headline about some serious privacy breach, intentional or otherwise, occurring at a major organization. Here are a few important takeaways from the year in digital privacy, and a few things you can do to make your information safer.


Things That (Most Likely) Need to be Replaced in the New Year

WED | JAN 16, 2019

Let's face it, most of us probably don't think much about replacing everyday household items, the ones we hang onto for months or even years. But hiding in our house are many tools and products that should be refreshed on a regular basis to prevent illness and disease.


January is National Winter Sports TBI Awareness Month

WED | JAN 09, 2019

Many popular winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and even sledding can be high risk. Keep reading to find out the real risk and how can you protect yourself and your loved ones from sports injuries this winter.


How to Survive Working from Home

WED | JAN 02, 2019

For many modern entrepreneurs, creatives, and freelancers, working from home is a dream come true. But the reality of it can be much different. How do you stay on task, handle isolation, and keep yourself from eating a full sleeve of cookies from the kitchen? Read on to find out.


A Guide to the Ultimate Ski Trip

WED | DEC 26, 2018

Whether you're an advanced skier or just starting out, a ski vacation can be a wonderful way to relax, have fun, and spend hard-earned time off with family and friends. Getting all the details right might seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.


Holiday Toy Safety

WED | DEC 19, 2018

There's nothing more magical than seeing a child's eyes light up upon opening a special gift during the holidays. Here is what you need to know to choose safe and healthy toys for your kids.


Six Steps to Taming Your Cold or Flu

WED | DEC 12, 2018

Cold and flu season in Washington is officially here. Perhaps, as recommended by health departments nationwide, you got a flu shot, and maybe you'll get lucky and avoid getting sick. But if you do catch what's going around, here are six ways to minimize your pain and suffering.


Prepping for Winter Business Safety

WED | DEC 05, 2018

Owning a business means that you're responsible and often liable for the welfare of your staff and clients. Winter can bring extra hazards and increase the possibility of accidents and injury.


Winter Home Preparation

WED | NOV 28, 2018

As winter approaches, rain, snow, ice, sudden storms, and severe temperatures are on the way in many parts of the U.S. Here are some important steps to take in the coming weeks:


Holiday Season Travel Tips

WED | NOV 21, 2018

It's exciting to pack up the whole family and make a journey to see close friends, visit a magical (or just warm) location, or spend time with extended family over the holidays. Here are some tips for making your holiday travel time more relaxed and enjoyable.


National Healthy Skin Month

WED | NOV 14, 2018

How much do you know about your skin or skin overall, for that matter? November is National Healthy Skin Month, and a good time to set aside all the latest skincare fads and get some real information about your skin, what it does, and what truly is the best way to take care of it


Clients are Everything: Ways to Create Loyalty

WED | NOV 07, 2018

In today's information economy, it's easier than ever for potential customers to get what used to be considered inside information on companies' business practices, products, and, maybe most importantly, how they treat their clients.


How to Survive a Home Remodel

WED | OCT 24, 2018

Home remodels can test relationships, strain carefully-considered budgets, and push even the most level-headed homeowners to the breaking point. But it doesn't have to be that way. Here are some ways to get through the process without losing your mind:


Packing up for summer: How to wrap up the season

WED | OCT 17, 2018

Summer in Washington is officially over. And it may seem tempting to just throw everything in the garage or moving furnitureoutmoving furnaturecloset and be done with it until the warmer season rolls around again.


Top 7 Sensational Destination for Fall Travel

WED | OCT 10, 2018

The weather has cooled in Washington, the leaves are falling, and summer tourists have headed home. Even though it's back-to-school time, fall is truly one of the best times to embark on a casual road trip, plan a weekend getaway, or take a family vacation.


Quick Checklist for Preparing Your Car, RV or Boat for Winter

WED | OCT 03, 2018

Winter hasn't raised its icy head yet, but the calendar never lies and we're inching closer to those shorter days and cooler nights. Now is the time to get ready, starting with how you get around, namely, your car, boat and RV.


Small Business Boosts for Employers

WED | SEP 26, 2018

As a small business owner, you may not be in the position to offer traditional benefits, such as health insurance or 401Ks, to your staff. But there are other things you can do to make your business a great place to work, and enticing for both current and potential employers.


Back to School Health Tips for Kids & Parents

WED | SEP 19, 2018

After a long summer, most parents and (some) kids alike are ready to go back to school. But going back to school also means sending your kids into a sea of germs, and increasing their likelihood of getting sick.


September is Healthy Aging Month

WED | SEP 12, 2018

What does it mean to age in a healthful way? Although it's different for each person, healthy aging is about maintaining a high quality of life at every stage, and cultivating habits that allow you to continue to enjoy your life and do the things you love to do.


Back-to-School Basics for College: How to Prepare

WED | SEP 05, 2018

Fall in Washington is fast approaching, and back-to-school sales are already underway, everywhere you look. If you're sending your teenager to college for his or her first year, you're going to need much more than just notebooks and pencils.


Creating a Vision Board for your Business

WED | AUG 22, 2018

If you're a modern business owner in Washington, chances are you have spent time developing a mission and vision for your business, and you have a detailed strategic plan for making those things happen.


Tips for Creating Great Outdoor Living Spaces

WED | AUG 15, 2018

It's summertime, and many of us long to spend more time outside. Creating an outdoor living space can make it easier to take advantage of wonderful weather, and bring some simple joy and serenity to daily living.


Eat your Fruits and Veggies

WED | AUG 08, 2018

Farmers Market season in Washington is here, and with it a window of opportunity to get the freshest, tastiest produce of the entire year. Here's how to take advantage of this golden opportunity to improve your health, support your neighbors, and expand your culinary horizons:


8 Tips for Essential Water Safety

WED | AUG 01, 2018

We're sliding into the hottest months of the year in Washington, and many of us will be delighting in the cool water of our local lakes, rivers, and pools. Here are eight water safety tips to keep you safe this summer.


Navigating Vacation Policies for Small Business Owners

WED | JUL 25, 2018

Everyone looks forward to summer vacations except, perhaps, business owners and managers. Here are a few things to consider when creating and implementing a vacation policy so that it works for, not against, your business.


Sunscreen Essentials for 2018

WED | JUL 18, 2018

We all know we're supposed to wear sunscreen, but with hundreds of options on the shelves every summer, many of us end up choosing the wrong one. Here's what you need to know about how to choose the right sunscreen, and why.


Tips for a Safe and Sensational Barbecue

WED | JUL 11, 2018

Outdoor grilling season in Washington is here, a time to relax on the deck and enjoy some ribs or a juicy burger cooked to perfection on the grill. Make sure your outdoor entertaining goes according to plan by following these grilling safety tips.


Your Next Great American Vacation

WED | JUL 04, 2018

Summer is here and families of all shapes and sizes are looking for affordable ways to relax, learn, adventure and enjoy the season with their loved ones. Here are our top five suggestions for a fun, flexible, family-friendly getaways.


Five Steps to Enjoying the Outdoors (Forest Bathing) Anywhere

WED | JUN 27, 2018

Summer is the time when the outdoors beckon. Research shows that spending time in nature can positively impact mental health, stress levels, blood pressure, cholesterol and many other conditions.


A Guide to Summer Camp Preparedness

WED | JUN 20, 2018

Camp, whether it's a day camp or sleep-away camp may offer parents a much needed break from kid-wrangling over the summer. Camp usually also becomes a wonderful experience for kids, too; but getting through that first day drop off can be challenging for both kids and parents.


The Unconventional Workplace

WED | JUN 13, 2018

The 9-5 job or office setting isn't for everyone. Many entrepreneurs are abandoning the traditional workplace setup so they can set their own hours, work from anywhere they want and pick and choose their clients. Perhaps that's why you became a small business owner yourself.


Concerns About Teen Vaping

WED | JUN 06, 2018

We have all heard about the sharp increase in e-cigarette use, aka "vaping," among young people. If you are a parent or educator of teens, you're probably more familiar than most. So why are e-cigarettes suddenly so common on middle and high school campuses?


Swimming Pool Season

WED | MAY 16, 2018

You're thinking of buying a pool and imagining those lazy, hot summer days when you'll get to slip into the cool water, sunbathe, play with the kids, and invite friends and neighbors to share in your good fortune. Here are a few things to consider before you "dive in."


Charitable Giving: A Win-Win for your Business

WED | MAY 09, 2018

For a business owner who's trying to grow a profit, donating money or employee time to charity may seem counterintuitive. Thinking about how your company can start to give back? Here's how to get started, and why:


Seeing is Believing: May is Healthy Vision Month

WED | MAY 02, 2018

Many sighted Americans, even those who wear corrective lenses, take their vision and eye health for granted.


Tips for Planning a Successful Summer for Kids

WED | MAY 02, 2018

Think back to your best childhood summer. Was it action packed, or full of lazy days? Did you spend time with family, visit your grandma down South, or just run around the neighborhood with friends? Follow these guidelines to plan a summer your kids will remember forever


Healthy Eating: The Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15

WED | APR 25, 2018

We all want to feed ourselves and our families fresh, healthy food, and summertime is when produce is the freshest. Here's how to make sure you're eating the healthiest produce around, no matter what your budget.


How to Choose the Right Doctor

WED | APR 18, 2018

A great doctor can make all the difference in your quality of life, and can even have serious consequences for your health. Here's how to begin your search for a top-notch medical professional that you can trust.


How to be Road-Trip Ready

WED | APR 04, 2018

Spring is here, and summer is close behind. Time to start daydreaming about driving off into the sunset...


Your Yard & Garden Spring To-Do List

WED | MAR 28, 2018

Whether you're planning to grow a host of fresh flowers and vegetables, or just want to maintain a beautiful yard and landscape, get a head start on your summer gardening with these important spring preparations:


Annual Employee Reviews

WED | MAR 21, 2018

Annual performance reviews can be excruciating, productive, or somewhere in between. So what makes the difference? What makes an annual review effective, and how can both employers and employees can prepare to get the best possible outcome?


Kids & Concussion-Prone Sports

WED | MAR 14, 2018

Whether you're planning to grow a host of fresh flowers and vegetables, or just want to maintain a beautiful yard and landscape, get a head start on your summer gardening with these important spring preparations:


Ways to Stress Less

WED | MAR 07, 2018

Sometimes, stress can be healthy and positive it helps us rise to an important challenge; other times, too much stress can wear us down, and cause physical and mental health problems, like poor sleep, depression, anxiety, chronic illness, or weight loss/gain.


Car Talk: How to Best Maintain your Vehicle

WED | FEB 28, 2018

Keeping up on your automobile's maintenance may seem complicated, but it doesn't have to be. Learning a few basics and getting on a regular schedule will go a long way towards keeping your car in tip-top shape, and making sure you're not blindsided by major, expensive repairs.


Traits of a Successful Manager

WED | FEB 21, 2018

It's a big step for a small business owner to hire a manager, to hand over and trust certain tasks to someone else. In doing so, it's important, even in bigger corporations, to look for those with certain traits and talents.


Teen Dating & Relationships

WED | FEB 14, 2018

Do you have teenagers who are starting to date? What are some steps you can take to educate them on dating safely? What kinds of rules should you set as a parent? These are common questions that parents have as their kids start to evolve into adults.


Winter Workplace Safety

WED | FEB 07, 2018

Whether your workplace is outdoors or in a cozy office, winter conditions can affect your employees' work and personal safety on the job. Here's what you can do to prepare for and protect yourself and your employees from the most common winter workplace hazards.


Winter Sports Safety

WED | JAN 24, 2018

Winter sports are all about making the most of the frigid temperatures. Here's how to stay safe and get the most out of your favorite winter sports from skiing and snowboarding to ice skating, hockey, sledding and snowshoeing.


6 Health, Food & Fitness Trends for 2018

WED | JAN 17, 2018

2017 was the year of bulletproof coffee, health tracking apps and devices, probiotics, mindfulness, etc. So what wild, innovative, strange, and fun things will we be doing, buying and consuming to stay fit, strong, and healthy in 2018?


National Radon Actions Month

WED | JAN 10, 2018

Did you know that your home could be harboring toxic levels of radiation in the form of Radon gas? It's a time to get your home tested and to encourage those around you to do the same, in an effort to reduce the thousands of preventable deaths caused by Radon each year.


Internships 101 for the Small Business Owner

WED | JAN 03, 2018

Free labor from a young, enthusiastic person who's truly interested in your company and profession: sounds wonderful, right? And under the right circumstances, it can be. If you're considering hiring an intern, here are the most important questions you should ask.


Protecting Your Hearing in a Digital World

THU | DEC 28, 2017

Most of the modern world is plugged in these days to smartphones, iPads and laptops, among other things. And many of us complete the loop by coaxing earbuds into our ears, turning up the sound to shut the world out, even just for a minute.


Top 10 Health & Happiness Apps for Your New Year

WED | DEC 27, 2017

A brand new year is on its way and, with it, a chance to make a fresh start. Let your smartphone be your guide as you tackle everything from weight loss to meditation to straight up happiness. Here are the top 10 apps that just may help coax you towards your best year ever.


Tips for a Hassle-Free Move

WED | DEC 20, 2017

Moving can be stressful, it's like uprooting your life and all of your belongings, and settling back in. But it doesn't always have to be overwhelming. Here's how to make sure you're covered, insurance-wise, plus tips on hiring a mover and making your big day hassle-free.


Winter and Insurance

WED | DEC 13, 2017

Unpredictable weather, at least in most parts of the country, is here. Suddenly, regular activities like driving and walking outdoors have become more hazardous. Here's how to make sure you're safe and protected


Gifting Money

WED | DEC 06, 2017

A thoughtful gift to loved ones may be a sum of money, something that allows them to buy what they need instead of torturing them with a new sweater. And for large sums, there can be tax repercussions. So is it a good idea to give money as a gift?


The Small Business Owners' Holiday Survival Guide

WED | NOV 22, 2017

Some small business owners in Washington can hardly keep pace with the holiday rush; other businesses slow down to a near crawl during this time of the year. So how do you make the most of the season, regardless of which end of the spectrum you're on?


Food Allergy Awareness

WED | NOV 15, 2017

Hosting a family dinner this holiday? There's a very good chance that a guest at your table will be allergic to something you're thinking of serving. Here's what you need to know about food allergies and how to be hospitable, no matter who you're hosting.


November is National Sleep Comfort Month

WED | NOV 08, 2017

The CDC recommends a minimum of 7 hours, even for adults. Children and teens need even more, so if you're a parent, be sure to help your child get to bed at a reasonable hour each night.


Ordinance or Law Coverage

WED | NOV 01, 2017

If you're a property owner, it's important to know about ordinance or law coverage and how it applies to you. Failure to understand when and where ordinance and law coverage is necessary may mean that if your home or commercial building is damaged, you don't have the coverage you need.


The Season of Giving: Protecting Your Assets

WED | NOV 01, 2017

It's that time of year again, the time of giving and receiving. We show love and appreciation for the people in our lives by presenting them with tokens of affection, usually in the form of presents. Likewise, we receive gifts.


Spooky Season: Halloween Safety Tips

WED | OCT 25, 2017

On Halloween, an evening when millions of Americans wear costumes, run around in the dark, willingly take candy from strangers and try to scare themselves silly, well, a lot can go wrong. Here are some not-so-spooky suggestions to keep you and your kids safe this Halloween.


Fall Proofing: Preventing Falls Inside and Outside of the Home

WED | OCT 18, 2017

According to the World Health Organization, falls are the second leading cause of accidental injury deaths worldwide. Falling disproportionately impacts adults age 65 and older, and can lead to serious injury, further health problems and decreased quality of life.


Domestic Violence Awareness Month

WED | OCT 11, 2017

Domestic violence affects men, women, families and communities, and its impacts are far-reaching. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, offering a good time to bring this serious issue to light.


When to Outsource

WED | OCT 04, 2017

Many companies are saving money by outsourcing instead of hiring in-house positions. How does outsourcing work and when does it make sense?


Preventing Assignment of Benefits Fraud for Home and Business

WED | SEP 27, 2017

Your home or business is damaged. Your first priority is to get it fixed right away, so you call a contractor to assess the situation and give you an estimate on the repair cost. It makes sense: the insurance company will want one anyway, right?


Top Issues for Small Business Owners

WED | SEP 20, 2017

A recent survey by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) and research from other small business organizations highlight some of the most critical issues affecting the small business landscape.


Safety for Student Drivers

WED | SEP 13, 2017

Ah, freedom... if learning to drive is on the horizon for your teenager, he or she is probably thrilled about the prospect of getting to travel outside the confines of your schedule and neighborhood.


Theft Prevention Technology

WED | SEP 06, 2017

Smart home technology is quickly becoming commonplace in Washington, and also affordable to the average consumer. The increased quality and availability of high-tech security devices means that anyone can safeguard their property and belongings.


Preventing Heat-Related Illnesses

WED | AUG 23, 2017

Extreme heat can be fatal. As unusually high temperatures become more common, it's important to be aware of the symptoms of heat-related illness, and how to prevent them from happening.


Top 10 Back to School Tips

WED | AUG 16, 2017

The school year is fast approaching in Washington. Whether your child is elementary, middle, or high school age, the first weeks of school can be stressful. But there are things you can do to make the transition from easy summer days to academics and structured activity painless.


Making the Most of Summer Harvest

WED | AUG 09, 2017

It's always harvest season somewhere, which means that nowadays it's possible to get many fruits and vegetables year-round. But that doesn't mean you should. Summer is still a special time for high quality, locally-grown fruits, veggies, meats and dairy products.


The Opioid Crisis: What You Need to Know

WED | AUG 02, 2017

Even under the care of a medical professional, opioid use can lead to dependence and addiction, causing the user to seek more drugs by any means necessary, despite negative consequences.


Have Work, Will Travel

WED | JUL 26, 2017

Do you have employees who travel for work, or do you travel for work often? If so, you may know the ins-and-outs. Here are some considerations for business travel that you can pass along to those employees who hit the road regularly.


Summer Motorsports Safety

WED | JUL 19, 2017

ATVs and dirt bikes can be deadly if not used properly. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, about 97,200 ATV-related injuries occurred in 2015; approximately 28 percent of those involved children under the age of 16.


Smartphone Apps Designed to Make the Most of your Summer

WED | JUL 12, 2017

There's an app for everything these days, but not all of them are worth downloading. Here are a few user favorites worthy of space on your device, that will help you to make the most of your summer plans.


The Countdown to College

WED | JUL 05, 2017

It's only July. But for those in Washington that have a child heading to college in the fall, you may be a little or a lot concerned already, depending on their maturity level and how far away he or she will be when September comes around.


Ready to Buy that Summer Boat

WED | JUN 28, 2017

Buying a boat can be a wonderful investment that brings many joyful moments to those warm summer days. But how much you pay for a boat is really just the beginning?


Hiring for the Summer

WED | JUN 21, 2017

It's that time of year when high school and college students are out of school, and many are looking for summer work. It's also the time when some seasonal businesses pick up, and many depend on solid summer help. Hiring seasonal workers?


Alzheimer's Awareness Month

WED | JUN 14, 2017

Written about frequently in medical journals, Alzheimer's disease is one that's been widely studied, but is still an anomaly to many scientists. Since June is Alzheimer's Awareness Month, it's a good time to look at what we do know, along with things one can do to prevent it.


Jobs of the Future: How the Job Market is Evolving

WED | JUN 07, 2017

Have you ever thought about how many industries are dying, or at least cutting jobs, due to automation? According to the World Economic Forum, we're in the midst of a "Fourth Industrial Revolution."


Should your Child get a Summer job?

WED | MAY 24, 2017

When he was 12-years-old, Steve Jobs looked up Bill Hewlett's, co-founder of The Hewlett-Packard Company (HP), phone number and asked for help building a frequency counter. Not only did the CEO of HP agree to help Jobs; he offered the aspiring developer a summer job.


Springtime is Allergy Time: How to Treat and Prevent Seasonal Allergies

WED | MAY 17, 2017

Happy spring! It's that time of year in Washington when flowers, plants, and trees are blooming, the grass is green, requiring maintenance, and the air is fragrant with new life. It's also that time of year when millions of Americans are battling seasonal allergies.


Get Moving this May: National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

WED | MAY 10, 2017

Let's face it, many of us get motivated to exercise because we want to regulate or lose weight. It's looked at like a chore, rather than a pleasure in many cases. However, know that there are many other benefits to regular exercise may up the motivation levels.


Choosing the Right Automobile

WED | MAY 03, 2017

Purchasing a car isn't as simple as it used to be when your only option was a Model T in a single color: black. With so many choices, makes, models, special features, etc. it's hard to figure out where to begin.


Strange Business Matters

WED | APR 26, 2017

Startups are incredibly common these days, and it may seem like anyone with a crazy idea and a small investment can get rich quick. Here are a few businesses that have turned an impressive profit and definitely fit the definition of "crazy"


Earth Day 2017: 7 Ways to Green-Up Your Life

WED | APR 19, 2017

Most of us in Washington can agree it's important to have clean air, fresh water, and a healthy living environment. Being eco-friendly is about living within your means, treading lightly, and using the resources you have wisely.


April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

WED | APR 12, 2017

Every single day, sexual violence impacts hundreds of Americans. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and whether you are male or female, there are things you can do to protect yourself or your loved ones from sexual violence. Here's what you need to know:


10 Tips for Prepping the Home & Garden for Summer

WED | APR 05, 2017

Spring is here in most places around the country, and that means that summer isn't far behind. Instead of leaving all of the work until the sunny days of summer, there's a lot that can be done in the meantime to get ready for outdoor living.


How to Run a Family Business Without the Family Drama

WED | MAR 22, 2017

Running a family business in with your spouse as your business partner or another family member means that there are struggles outside the boundaries of the typical business day.For all family businesses in Washington, here are some tips for leaving the family drama behind.


Pet Health News Update

WED | MAR 15, 2017

Just as health care for humans is always advancing, so is health care for you pets. Here are some of the latest hot topics in pet care:


Baby on Board: Driving with Kids

WED | MAR 08, 2017

They may be your own, or they're your grandkids or your friend' kids, but driving with kids is a task that should always be taken seriously. Read these tips to find out how to keep your pint-sized passengers safe and sound, for any trip at any age.


What is a Catastrophe?

WED | MAR 01, 2017

The term "catastrophe" brings to mind an event so disastrous, so "out there," that the odds of it happening to us are very, very low. Hail, wildfires, tornadoes, winter and tropical storms and man-made disasters like explosions can all qualify as catastrophic events.


Heart Health: What's New & What Works

WED | FEB 22, 2017

The season of love is always a reminder to think about heart health. Here are some of the latest advances in cardiac care and prevention, plus some interesting heart facts.


Top 10 Mistakes Made by Small Businesses

WED | FEB 15, 2017

Starting a small business in Washington is exciting, but on the journey to success, mistakes are inevitable. But if you're starting your own company, some mistakes can be fatal. Increase the odds that your new venture will stay afloat by avoiding these all-too-common roadblocks.


Marriage and Money

WED | FEB 08, 2017

Finance and romance, both can make people crazy. Put them together and you might just double the insanity. If you're in a committed relationship, however, there's no way around it. Whether you're already married or on your way, here are some tips for managing your money as a couple.


Top 10 Ways to Keep a Great Employee

WED | FEB 01, 2017

Hiring and training new employees is exhausting, time-consuming, and can cause your business to operate at a level below what's acceptable. So it makes sense to put energy into keeping great employees around.


Preventing Sports-Related Brain Injuries

WED | JAN 25, 2017

In early February, the U.S. celebrates the truly American sport of football. We've heard some pretty tragic stories about the effects of head injuries on professional football players but people who play contact sports or participate in activities are also at risk.


Winter Pet Safety

WED | JAN 18, 2017

In regions with any kind of wintery weather, you probably don't know exactly how to prepare for and navigate the unique risks caused by snow, ice, and low temperatures for your pets.


Cyber Loss & Cyber Insurance

WED | JAN 11, 2017

Much of our lives are spent online these days, so it only makes sense that insurance companies are starting to offer products to help protect consumers from the significant losses that can occur related to their online activity.


Six Steps to Insulating your Home

WED | JAN 04, 2017

With the days getting colder, at least for those in the northern part of the country, you might be starting to regret not taking a closer look at the insulation in your home during the summer months. But it's not too late to make your home more efficient, and cozy, for winter!


Does your Mental Health Change with the Seasons? You Might Have SAD

WED | DEC 21, 2016

The holidays can be a tough time for those who are prone to depression, and for some, the shift of seasons means a shift in moods. This specific kind of depression that fluctuates with the seasons is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD.


Workplace Gift Guide

WED | DEC 14, 2016

'Tis the season of gift giving. Maybe you feel an obligation to give holiday gifts to your dedicated clients, your boss, employees, or important co-workers; or maybe it's just something you'd like to do.


World AIDS Day 2016

WED | DEC 07, 2016

There are approximately 1.2 million people living with HIV in the United States, and nearly 50,000 people are newly infected each year. Globally, HIV/AIDS continues to be an epidemic, affecting 35 million people worldwide


Top 6 Tips for Business Success from Top Entrepreneurs

WED | NOV 23, 2016

In a classic "Saturday Night Live" sketch, actor and comedian Steve Martin once gave the most underrated advice on how to become a millionaire: "First, you get a million dollars."


Stay Fit: How to Not Gain 10 Pounds over the Holidays

WED | NOV 16, 2016

What do mashed potatoes, gravy, apple pie, homemade eggnog, and green bean casserole all have in common? They'll all be doing their best to tempt you this holiday season. Around the parties and the large family dinners, the holidays are the most common time to pack on the pounds.


Up in the Air: Holiday Airplane Travel Tips

WED | NOV 09, 2016

Thanksgiving and Christmas are popular times to travel, to make that journey to be with family. They can also be the worst times to travel, especially if you during peak times or with kids in tow.


How Does Having a Baby Affect Insurance

WED | NOV 02, 2016

You're expecting, and there's so much to consider: pink, blue or gender neutral colors for the baby's room? Another thing you may want to think about before your new bundle of joy comes into the world is how it will affect your insurance.


Debt Management: Tips for Keeping Debt at Bay

WED | OCT 26, 2016

For the average American, it's nearly impossible to get by in the modern world without taking on some debt. But, used wisely, debt can be a part of a healthy financial picture and not a chain around your neck.


Tips for Transitioning After a Promotion

THU | OCT 13, 2016

Last month, we wrote about tips for scoring a job promotion. So you finally got that well-deserved promotion, now what? Even if it's everything you dreamed it would be, there will be some adjustments to make. Here are some tips for making the transition gracefully.


Brighten your Smile for Dental Hygiene Month

WED | OCT 05, 2016

Your teeth reflect your overall health, so paying attention to them is important everybody knows that. And yet, many of us still skip brushing our teeth on some busy days or avoid regular checkups.


10 Tips for Scoring that Promotion

WED | SEP 28, 2016

Most people assume that if they perform well, they'll probably get a promotion somewhere along the line maybe at their annual review. But a smart employee doesn't leave these things to chance. Here are some tips for getting that promotion when the time is right.


Understanding Chronic Pain

WED | SEP 28, 2016

Millions of Americans need ongoing treatment for chronic pain. Despite recent headlines shouting about the over-prescription of opioids, many studies show that chronic pain is often underdiagnosed and under-treated.


Insurance Needs for Home Additions and Renovations

WED | SEP 14, 2016

Adding on to your home, completing major or minor renovations, or making upgrades to outdated plumbing or electrical systems can all have a positive impact on the value of a property. But did you know they can also change your insurance needs?


Insurance for Empty Nesters

WED | SEP 07, 2016

When the last of the children head off to college or out on their own, some parents, although sad, breathe a sigh of relief. For many, getting the kids out of the house will immediately relieve some serious financial stress.


10 Ways to Plan for a Carefree Retirement

THU | SEP 01, 2016

If you're heading for retirement or even if it's a ways off, you might already be writing that bucket list of things to do and places to see as soon as you don't have to show up to work every day.


Health and Safety at Work

WED | AUG 24, 2016

Everyone is entitled to a safe and healthy work environment: your employer is required by law to provide a safe workplace, adequate training in a language you understand, and appropriate safety equipment, among other things.


Get Away: Insuring Your Vacation Home

WED | AUG 17, 2016

Every summer you visit the same beach with your extended family; or maybe you love to spend winter holidays in the same charming ski town. Within a few years, you're a regular at the coffee shop down the street and no longer feel like a visitor in the community.


6 Things to Do Before Getting a Family Dog

WED | AUG 10, 2016

For Washington residents, having a dog can be one of the great joys in life but that doesn't mean it's right for everyone. If your family is considering getting a dog, there are many things to consider in order to make the best choice.


How to Let Employees Go Legally

WED | AUG 03, 2016

Bad hires happen, even to successful business owners and to those experienced at hiring. So what do you do when an employee doesn't work out? Here is what you need to know about hiring and firing within the law.


10 Tips for Conducting Performance Reviews

WED | JUL 27, 2016

Wed, Jul 27th, 2016 Even for an excellent employee, an annual performance review can be stressful. They're tough on managers, too. Follow these 10 tips to make your reviews go as smoothly as possible for you as well as your most delightful and most difficult employees.


Krista Patten joins Sea Mountain Ins. Brokers

MON | JUL 25, 2016

Sea Mountain is excited to have Krista Patton join our Ocean Maine and Yacht Insurance group! Krista has over 38 years of experience in marine insurance. Krista Patten comes to us from Wells Farge in the Seattle area.


Washington Recreational Vehicles and Insurance: What you Need to Know

WED | JUL 20, 2016

Taking to the open road in a home on wheels is a dream for many Americans. If you are considering purchasing a recreational vehicles (RV) this summer, it's important to understand what type of insurance you'll need in order to make an informed decision.


Wedding Safety Checklist

WED | JUL 13, 2016

Summer is wedding season, and couples throughout Washington will be tying the knot. If you're one of the lucky couples, wedding safety might be the last thing on your to-do list, but if something goes wrong on your big day, you'll wish it had been the first.


Sewer Backups, Causes & Coverage

WED | JUL 06, 2016

A sewer backup can be one of the most dreaded things to happen to a home or property owner. Add to that the fact that most standard insurance policies won't cover this type of damage without a special endorsement, and a sewer problem can become an absolute nightmare.


Summertime Safety: Top Five Summer Health Hazards

WED | JUN 22, 2016

June is National Safety Month and a great time to review your personal safety profile to find out how you can minimize the risk of accident or injury. Due to multiple factors, summer is a time of year when the risk of many common hazards increases.


When the Boss Goes on Vacation

WED | JUN 15, 2016

For small business owners in Washington, taking off for a summer vacation can be more stressful than just staying at work. Here are some tips for going on vacation if you're the boss so that you can actually relax while you're away from the office.


10 Things to Know About the Zika Virus

WED | JUN 08, 2016

Headlines announcing the spread of Zika virus have probably been showing up on your news feed for months. But what is Zika? And should you be worried about it?


Motorcycle Insurance Basics

WED | JUN 01, 2016

Warmer weather is on the way, and the open road will soon be calling. Whether you're a recreational motorcyclist or a serious cross-country rider, be sure you have the right insurance to meet your needs and to protect yourself on the road.


Making the Leap: When to Start Your Own Business

WED | MAY 25, 2016

Thinking about starting a business? Many of us dream about getting paid to do what we love or finding a way to pursue our creative ideas, but getting there is another story.


Get your Boat Water-Ready for Summer

WED | MAY 18, 2016

Boating season is on the horizon in most parts of the country, and for boaters, it's time to get your vessel out of storage and start performing the necessary inspections and maintenance to ensure that you're ready to hit the water as soon as the weather allows.


May is Melanoma Detection Month

WED | MAY 11, 2016

In the U.S., melanoma diagnoses and deaths are on the rise, especially among women under the age of 30. With increased education and treatment, it's possible to reverse this trend.


Sea Mountain Supports Child Abuse Prevention Month

FRI | MAY 06, 2016

Child Abuse Prevention Month: Be A Part of the Solution


Wearable Tracking Devices: Do They Really Work?

WED | MAY 04, 2016

Everybody seems to have a Fitbit these days; and while it might be annoying to listen to your co-workers brag about the number of steps they've counted, you might also be curious about these wearable tracking devices. So why all the excitement?


Spring Cleaning Your Business Finances

WED | APR 27, 2016

In one of our latest blog posts we talked about cleaning up your personal finances. Now that we've made it through tax season, it's a smart idea to evaluate your business financial picture as well.


6 Tips to "Spring Cleaning" Your Personal Finances

WED | APR 20, 2016

Spring is a great time to clear away the clutter and freshen your living and working spaces for the year ahead. Why not borrow the idea and give your personal finances a thorough "cleaning" too?


Child Abuse Prevention Month: Be a Part of the Solution

WED | APR 13, 2016

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and we can all use it as a time to reflect on an issue that's unpleasant and often overlooked. Child abuse can happen in many forms, and it doesn't always occur just within the home.


7 Tips for a safe and fun Road Trip

WED | APR 06, 2016

Spring break is on the way and summer will follow soon after. If you're planning to take a road trip, long or short, make sure you and your vehicle are safe and ready to go by following these recommendations:


Personal Annual Review Wizard

WED | MAR 23, 2016

The insurance policies that make up your insurance program - your blanket of protection - need to be tweaked from time-to-time so that you are getting the right protection and benefiting from all available discounts.


All About Water

WED | MAR 16, 2016

Water crises seem to be everywhere, from the ongoing droughts in the West to the recent water-related disaster in Flint, Michigan, to the problem of clean water that devastates the people of many third-world countries.


7 Tips to Keep Your Vision Healthy

WED | MAR 09, 2016

Unless they're giving us problems, we rarely think about the health of our eyes. March is national Save Your Vision Month, and a great time to learn more about your ocular health.


Does My Business in Washington Need Flood Insurance?

WED | MAR 02, 2016

Spring is just around the corner in Washington. With it will come melting ice and snow, rising waters, and an increased potential for serious water damage due to flooding. Most standard insurance policies do not cover flooding, and that includes business and commercial policies.


Gun Safety at Home

WED | FEB 24, 2016

Gun control is a controversial topic; but what isn't controversial is the idea that firearms should be used safely and responsibly. Whether you're a firearm owner or just a concerned citizen, there are things you can do to promote gun safety in your home.


Pets & Emergency Preparedness

WED | FEB 17, 2016

While most of us won't experience a disaster like Hurricane Katrina in our lifetimes, it's still up to us to consider our beloved companion animals when planning for emergencies, big and small. Here are a few things you can do:


Celebrate American Heart Month 2016

WED | FEB 10, 2016

Wed, Feb 10th, 2016 Whether or not you're not looking forward to Valentine's Day, there's another good reason to listen to your heart this season: February is American Heart Month. Heart disease is the number one cause of death for men and women in the United States.


Emergency and Disaster Preparedness for the Businesses in Washington

WED | FEB 03, 2016

When a natural disaster or major emergency strikes, it's a good possibility that many of those affected will be on the job. That's why it's important for business owners to have a well thought out emergency plan, and to take precautions that will keep employees safe should a crisis.


Is Your Household Disaster Ready?

WED | JAN 27, 2016

Watching a disaster like Hurricane Katrina unfold on national television inspires compassion and a desire to help. But most people in Washington still believe that something like that won't happen to them, until it does


5 Cyber Safety Tips for Kids

WED | JAN 20, 2016

Everyone in Washington agrees that cyber safety is important, but what, exactly, does it mean to be "safe" online? And what do parents really need to know? Here are the top five things you can do to teach your kids how to become responsible digital citizens:


Top 10 Ways to Stick to Your New Year's Resolutions

WED | JAN 13, 2016

It's officially a new year, and along with its arrival, millions of Americans have made heartfelt plans to lose that weight, put away the smartphone at dinner, or quit smoking once and for all.


The Downside of Digital Addiction

WED | JAN 06, 2016

It's common these days for people of all ages to say they are "addicted" to their phones, computers, or the Internet as though it's an obvious exaggeration, or at least no big deal. But digital addiction might not be as harmless as we think.


Snow Shoveling Safety

WED | DEC 23, 2015

There are plenty of potentially hazardous activities that go along with the holiday season and the start of winter. This is also the time of year when we break out the snow shovels and ice melt, so that we, and our neighbors and visitors, can safely navigate our walkways.


7 Tips for Buying Safe Gifts

WED | DEC 16, 2015

We all want to be the one to find a gift that makes the holidays unforgettable for that special child in our lives.Whether you're a parent, aunt, neighbor or godparent, don't let your quest for holiday magic steer you towards a purchase that might be unsafe or inappropriate.


Holidays at the Office - Making it Fun

THU | DEC 03, 2015

Last week we talked about some important guidelines to follow for maintaining a holiday environment that's free from discrimination and harassment. Today's blog post is all about making your office party the best.


Holidays at the Office

WED | DEC 02, 2015

Bringing a little holiday cheer into your business is usually welcomed by customers and employees alike. But if you're a business owner, it's important to remember that there are legal guidelines you must follow to maintain an environment.


Holiday Food Safety

THU | NOV 19, 2015

The holidays tend to revolve around food: potlucks, family dinners, cookie decorating and seasonal celebrations offer dozens of opportunities to cook, bake and dine to your heart's content.


November is American Diabetes Month

WED | NOV 11, 2015

Approximately 10 percent of Americans are affected by diabetes, and millions more are at risk for developing the disease. November is American Diabetes Month, and a great time to find out whether you are at risk, and if so, what you can do about it.


How to Survive the Holidays

THU | NOV 05, 2015

The holidays are here, and although it's supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, it's often the complete opposite. Many people suffer from depression and anxiety over the holidays, for a variety of reasons.


Weird Insurance

WED | NOV 04, 2015

Just for fun, let's take a look at some of the weirdest insurance policies out there.


Contractor or Full-Time Employee?

WED | OCT 28, 2015

For employers, this ever-expanding pool of freelancers and self-employed skilled laborers means that hiring an independent contractor to provide a service for your business is now easier than ever.


Storm Warnings: Did a storm trash your roof or damage your house?

WED | OCT 21, 2015

After your home is damaged by wind, hail, or other natural elements, the storm isn't necessarily over; in fact, it might be just the beginning. Here's what you need to know about the storm-induced insurance process from diagnosing the damage to filing a claim.


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

WED | OCT 14, 2015

Well over 200,000 women in the United States are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. After skin cancer, breast cancer is the second most common cancer diagnosed in women, and the second leading cause of cancer deaths for women.


Save a Bundle by Bundling?

WED | OCT 07, 2015

From cell phone contracts to Internet packages, bundling is a popular way for companies of all kinds to hook you into multiple services, usually at a discount to you.


Insuring Your Landscaping

WED | SEP 23, 2015

For those of us in Washington with a yard to take care of, by the end of summer, your outdoor living spaces are probably looking pretty sharp. There are things that you can do to protect your precious live assets. Here's more information:


Scheduled Business Property

WED | SEP 16, 2015

Last week, we discussed what other personal belongings you may want to insure separately. Here, let's look at some business assets that might warrant additional coverage.


Scheduled Personal Property - What Else Should I Insure?

WED | SEP 09, 2015

Have you heard of supermodels insuring their legs or singers taking out a policy on their priceless vocal chords? That's probably not necessary for most people, but many of us probably do have a few valuables that can and should be insured separately.


Quirky Workplace Lawsuits

MON | AUG 31, 2015

It's often noted that America is an excessively litigious society which may or may not be accurate. But the rules and regulations that have made it relatively easy to sue for personal injury in the US have resulted in some truly bizarre lawsuits and legal proceedings.


Water Safety for Kids & Adults

WED | AUG 26, 2015

It's vital to know basic water safety in order to prevent serious consequences. Approximately 10 people die each day from unintentional drowning, and according to the Center for Disease Control, drowning is the leading cause of injury death for young children, ages 1-4.


Back to School with Allergies in Tow

WED | AUG 19, 2015

Gathering school supplies, updating vaccines, and returning to a regular sleep schedule are part of a long list of things that need to be done before sending kids back to school.


National Immunization Awareness Month

WED | AUG 12, 2015

Many diseases that were once common and deadly have been nearly eradicated by modern-day immunizations.


Backyard Summer Play

WED | AUG 05, 2015

School's out for summer, and that means that many parents in Washington are opening their backyards to their children's friends and neighborhood buddies.


Vacation Policy Blues

WED | JUL 29, 2015

For many employees in Washington, summer is the ideal time to plan a visit to the beach, take an extended road trip, or organize a family reunion. As a business owner, you want your employees to have time off, but you don't want your customers to suffer because of it


Common Camping Mishaps

WED | JUL 22, 2015

Sleeping under the stars, hiking, swimming, and toasting marshmallows are activities many folks look forward to every summer. But getting back to nature offers its own set of risks


Smart Summer Hosting

WED | JUL 15, 2015

For most American families, summer is outdoor celebration time, fireworks time, barbecue time, and fun-in-the-sun-by-the-pool time. If you're the one who happens to be hosting, however, it's important to recognize that these quintessential summer activities present unique risks.


Staying Safe in the Sun

WED | JUL 01, 2015

After the dark days of winter, it's a relief to see the sun and tempting to stay outdoors basking in its rays as often as possible. But before you put on your swimsuit, it's a good idea to review sun safety for both adults and children,.


Would Your Business Benefit From a Flexible Schedule Plan?

WED | JUN 24, 2015

For many business and creative professionals in Washington, a regular nine to five job just isn't appealing anymore. Many employers are offering opportunities that allow workers to telecommute, work from home and keep non-traditional hours.


Guns in the Home?

WED | JUN 17, 2015

In the United States, gun ownership is still a hot button issue. A 2014 study in the Annals of Internal Medicine reported that having a firearm in the home puts those in the household at higher risk of committing suicide or being the victim of a homicide.


Summer Mishaps

WED | JUN 10, 2015

Summer in Washington is coming and with it is the opportunity to experience all kinds of warm-weather mishaps. Here are some common summer dangers and how to avoid them.


Health Insurance & Mental Health

WED | JUN 03, 2015

Seeking treatment for mental illness can be an especially challenging task. Fortunately, recent policy changes mean that Americans are that much closer to gaining equal access to mental health services.


Health Incentives: Getting Paid to Work out in the Workplace

WED | MAY 27, 2015

If you work at a decent-sized company that provides health insurance, chances are you've been offered low-cost or free health screenings in exchange for reduced insurance rates, along with a variety of incentives to lose weight, quit smoking, or change your diet.


Dangerous Driving Habits

WED | MAY 20, 2015

There is no shortage of distractions in the modern world. Distracted driving has become a national issue, and many schools and public agencies are scrambling to raise awareness of the problem.


American Stroke Awareness Month

WED | MAY 13, 2015

Stroke is the fifth leading cause of death in America; but according to the National Stroke Association, up to 80 percent of strokes are preventable. Here's all you need to know about stroke, from symptoms to solutions.


All About Workers' Comp

WED | MAY 06, 2015

When an employee in Washington gets injured on the job, the negative repercussions can affect everyone. Worker's Compensation Insurance ensures that both employees and employers are protected in the event of a worker accident, illness, or injury.


Hooray for Earth Day

WED | APR 22, 2015

For some Americans, buying organic vegetables, recycling, and biking to work are just part of a modern healthy lifestyle, one that also happens to benefit the planet we live on. But there was a time when these environmentally sustainable habits were not a part of everyday life.


Spring Safety

WED | APR 15, 2015

April showers eventually bring May flowers, but in the meantime, wetter and warmer temperatures can cause a variety of hazards along the way. Here are some common spring safety issues, and ways you can prevent their potentially harmful consequences:


Hay Fever Season has Sprung

WED | APR 08, 2015

Spring in Washington is here, and for many people that means it's time to suffer through seasonal allergies. Hay fever, also known as seasonal allergic rhinitis, is the fifth most common chronic illness in the U.S.


Washington Commercial Auto Insurance

WED | APR 01, 2015

Business vehicle ownership in Washington, or anywhere, carries with it a high-risk potential for lawsuits, legal problems and property damage. If you use automobiles as part of your daily business, your risk is multiplied with every additional vehicle and driver.


Up-and-Coming Technology

WED | MAR 25, 2015

What technology is going to change your life this year? If you're an entrepreneur, it's highly likely at least one of the following technology advances will revolutionize the way you do business, present you with an unbeatable investment opportunity, or both.


Spring Break Safety Tips 2015

WED | MAR 18, 2015

After making it through midterms and the bleakest months of winter, spring break is more than enough reason for high school and college students to celebrate. But many spring break "traditions" in the U.S. have a dark side, and can sometimes result in life-changing consequences.


National Poison Prevention Week 2015

WED | MAR 11, 2015

What do bath salts, houseplants, energy drinks, mouthwash and over-the-counter medicines have in common? All of these items can be poisonous when used inappropriately and it only takes a second for a child or beloved pet to ingest a household chemical or medicine.


Employee Retention Techniques

WED | FEB 25, 2015

Finding a great employee takes effort, and keeping a good one long-term is a major accomplishment. If you're a business owner, you know that hiring and training employees takes an enormous amount of time and energy and always results in lost productivity.


Avalanche Danger

WED | FEB 18, 2015

Although avalanche danger doesn't affect most of us on a day-to-day basis, there's something fascinating and terrifying about the possibility of being buried beneath a tidal wave of crashing snow. It's easy to think an avalanche won't happen to you, but it isn't impossible.


All About the Heart

WED | FEB 11, 2015

Did you know that heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women in the United States? Yet few people take the time to understand their own personal risk factors and take the steps necessary to reduce them. In honor of Valentine's Day, let's talk heart!


Weather Watch

TUE | FEB 03, 2015

Calculating the cost of natural disasters and extreme weather events is a complex process that takes a myriad of factors into account, including insurance payouts, lost income, property damage, and lives lost.


Avoiding a Wreck: Top 10 ways to stay safe behind the wheel

WED | JAN 28, 2015

Dangerous road conditions can occur any time of year, but winter is prime time for difficult driving in many Northern climates. Be prepared for whatever comes your way on the road by following these safe-driving suggestions:


Tips for Creating a Healthy Business Environment

WED | JAN 21, 2015

It's no secret that many well-known, high-performing companies put serious effort into creating a healthy and comfortable work environment that is conducive to employees' productivity, creativity, and overall wellbeing.


National Blood Donor Month 2015

WED | JAN 07, 2015

Blood donations are critical to treating those with cancer and blood diseases, as well as patients undergoing major surgery and those who have suffered major trauma. Read on for everything you need to know about blood donation and to find out how you can contribute.


Professional Parties: Lawsuit-Free Holiday Celebrations

SAT | DEC 27, 2014

Just as the fresh, white flakes of a snowstorm seem to leave no surface untouched, so does December's festive mood affect virtually every aspect of our lives: family, food, finances, and even work.


New Year's Resolutions for your Business

WED | DEC 24, 2014

New Year's is a time for reflection and revision, as we take stock of our accomplishments and failures and make plans for positive change in the year ahead. For those in business, it's just as important to apply this process to our professional lives.


Christmas Tree Safety for Families in Washington

WED | DEC 17, 2014

Wed, Dec 17th, 2014 A Christmas tree is a non-negotiable tradition for many families during the holidays. But even those who look forward to those twinkling lights and strings of popcorn may have a small child or mischievous cat that makes having a tree difficult and sometimes even dangerous.


All About the Influenza

WED | DEC 10, 2014

Wed, Dec 10th, 2014 Recent headlines have many Americans in a minor panic about the Ebola virus. When you look at the numbers, though, it makes much more sense to be concerned about the common flu, known as influenza. Each year, approximately 36,000 people die from the flu.


Procrastination at Work, What are the Costs?

WED | DEC 03, 2014

Frittering away part of the workday chatting with colleagues, checking social media sites, or taking a short trip to the break room to see if there's one donut left is easy to do. Procrastination on this level may seem harmless, even justifiable to a hard working employee.


Insurance Fun Facts

WED | NOV 26, 2014

Most people understand insurance basics, but how about the other intricacies, such as who invented insurance and what are the craziest things that have been insured? Here are some insurance fun facts:


The Smoking Gun

WED | NOV 19, 2014

According to the Centers for Disease Control, "Tobacco use remains the single largest preventable cause of death and disease in the United States." Over 42 million Americans smoke, and nearly 80 percent of those have a daily habit.


Sleep and Health

WED | NOV 12, 2014

Due to the depth and breadth of sleep's impacts, the Centers for Disease Control went so far as to call sleep deprivation "an epidemic" earlier this year. Read on to learn more about the serious consequences of poor sleep.


Emergency Preparedness for Small Businesses

WED | NOV 05, 2014

At school, home, and in the corporate workplace, taking the time to create an emergency preparedness plan is common; but for busy small business owners in Washington, this seemingly non-urgent task can easily take a backseat to more pressing concerns.


Online Safety for Kids and Teenagers

WED | OCT 22, 2014

School in Washington is in full swing, which means young people are spending more time online using social media, plus a variety of other Internet resources and entertainment options. This leaves many kids at risk for cyber-bullying, online predators, and identity theft.


The Ebola Crisis: How Does it Affect Us?

WED | OCT 15, 2014

Due to a recent West African outbreak this epidemic has claimed more lives than any other since the discovery of the Ebola virus in the 1970s. This potentially deadly virus originates in animals but can be passed from human-to-human once a person becomes infected.


Mental Health Awareness Week, Oct. 5-11

WED | OCT 08, 2014

Approximately one out of four adults experiences mental health problems each year, but over half of those never receive treatment. The impact of untreated mental illness stretches far and wide, affecting everything from lifespan and quality of life.


Work De-Stressors

WED | OCT 01, 2014

If you're a business owner in Washington, allowing employees to take a smart phone break during work hours probably sounds like a pretty lousy idea. But a recent study suggests that doing just that might actually be good for morale and productivity, too.


Jack and Sara's Summer Road Trip: Final Installment

WED | SEP 24, 2014

Jack and Sara, the newly engaged college sweethearts we've been tracking during their romantic summer road trip, have had quite an eventful adventure.


National Food Safety Month

WED | SEP 17, 2014

We all get nervous when we read in the local news that our favorite restaurant has earned a violation from the health department. But how many of us use the same level of care we expect from a quality establishment when preparing meals in our own homes?


Back to School Safety

WED | SEP 10, 2014

Back-to-school season can be both exciting and stressful; families in Washington are typically busy shopping for backpacks and school supplies while trying to squeeze in a few more pool days before the leaves fall.


Cruise Control to Sensory Underload

WED | SEP 03, 2014

Wed, Sep 3rd, 2014 By now,we should need little convincing that sensory overload while driving can lead to unsafe decisions on the road and sometimes accidents.But what about sensory underload?


Working Upright for Health

WED | AUG 27, 2014

A study published just last month explains that it isn't merely a lack of physical exercise that leads to poor cardiovascular health. It turns out that the very act of sitting is also hard on the heart, even in a person who exercises.


Tips for Travel Trailer Safety

WED | AUG 20, 2014

Families love to travel in the summer, and what better way to do it than with a mobile house on wheels towed behind your car or truck, providing all the comforts of home in virtually any new locale you desire?


Healthful Foods Abound at Summer Farmers' Markets in Washington

WED | AUG 13, 2014

Summertime is characterized in part by an increase in physical activity-outdoor sports are a common pastime-and a decrease in the amount of clothing worn-shorts and swimsuits are weekend uniforms. These hallmarks of summertime, however, don't always bring pleasure.


Jack and Sara's Summer Road Trip: Installment Three

WED | AUG 06, 2014

When we left Jack and Sara last month, college sweethearts Jack and Sara got engaged on their way to New Orleans and made sure to add the new ring as a rider onto their existing renter's insurance policy.


Jack and Sara's Summer Road Trip: Installment Two

WED | JUL 16, 2014

When we left Jack and Sara last month, college sweethearts Jack and Sara were en route to New Orleans during the first leg of their summer-long road trip.


The Bouncy Castle Conundrum

WED | JUL 09, 2014

Enormous inflatable bouncy castles also known as bounce houses are often seen at kids' birthday parties and the like.


Firework Safety: Celebrating Fourth of July with Fingers Intact

WED | JUL 02, 2014

Fireworks are synonymous with Independence Day. Virtually every small and sizeable town or city across the U.S. puts on some sort of firework show on the Fourth of July. And in many places its still legal for consumers to purchase and set off their own fireworks.


Jack and Sara's Summer Road Trip: Installment One

WED | JUN 25, 2014

To celebrate their graduation from college this month, sweethearts Jack and Sara are embarking on a summer-long cross-country journey. We'll chronicle their adventures and inevitable misadventures with a particular emphasis on (surprise, surprise) insurance.


Everybody Has an Opinion: Staying Afloat in the Age of Online Reviews

WED | JUN 18, 2014

Before the Internet, a dissatisfied customer might complain to a family member, and perhaps a neighbor or two. These days, he'll use his computer or smartphone to vent his displeasure; he might even include an exaggeration or two (or 10).


Eating Healthy While Dining Out

WED | JUN 11, 2014

Few people, even the most committed, die-hard healthy eaters, want to completely forego the pleasures of dining out. After all, eating at restaurants has been a regular part of life for centuries the first known dining establishments opened in Europe in the 17th century.


Drowning in Passwords? Use a Password Manager

WED | JUN 04, 2014

Remember when you got your first password? Think back, and try not to get too sweetly sentimental about it. Maybe it was the one associated with your AOL account back when the World Wide Web was a novelty and e-mail was a cutting-edge mode of communication.


Cyber Security Liability Insurance

WED | MAY 21, 2014

In the last post Cyber Security: Is Your Business Safe? , we discussed cyber security weak spots, and the different things you can do to protect your Washington business and your clients.


Cyber Security : Is Your Business Safe?

WED | MAY 14, 2014

For their abilities to help a business run smoothly and thrive, today's Internet-related technologies leave business owners wondering if the companies they have worked so hard to build are truly safe in cyberspace.


Spring Cleaning for Outdoor Fun

WED | MAY 07, 2014

As winter's lingering shadow lessens, and the sun shines brighter and warmer every day, it's an ideal time to give your front and back yards a thorough spring cleaning in preparation for a long stretch of satisfying, beautiful, and safe outdoor fun.


Workout for a Better Work-Life Balance

WED | APR 30, 2014

No one seems to doubt the fact that exercise is really good for us, but there's yet another reason to consider starting a workout regimen if you have yet to do so. Research shows that people who exercise regularly feel they have a better balance between their work and home lives.


How to Reduce Employee Health Costs? Promote a "Culture of Health"

WED | APR 23, 2014

Business owners can reap significant financial rewards by fostering a culture of health among employees at their workplaces.


Immunization Myths and Facts

WED | APR 16, 2014

Did you know this April 26th through May 3rd is National Immunization Week? It's a great time to boost awareness about immunizations and, of course, ensure that you and your loved ones are up to date on vaccinations.


April is Alcohol Awareness Month

WED | APR 09, 2014

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) promotes alcohol awareness every April. Fittingly, during a spring month of renewal and rebirth, we're prompted to reassess our relationship to alcohol, as well as its role in our lives and communities.


National Stroke Awareness Month: Detection, Action, and Prevention

FRI | MAR 28, 2014

Many of us have been touched in some way by a stroke. Whether it's a family member, friend, colleague, or neighbor, chances are someone we know has suffered from this seemingly sudden and sometimes devastating health calamity.


Fun Overload: When Good Times Get Out of Hand

WED | MAR 26, 2014

March is a much-anticipated month in Washington, when many of us start shedding our winter layers in excited preparation for the coming spring. In addition to extra clothes, however, some folks also shed their common sense.


Insidious Indoor Air Pollution: Is your Washington home safe?

WED | MAR 19, 2014

Between personal motor vehicles, factories, trains, and other sources of toxic fumes, the outside air would seem to be significantly more toxic than the air within our seemingly pristine indoor environments.


Are We There Yet? Driving with Kids

WED | MAR 12, 2014

Most new parents would probably admit that their driving habits changed after having children. The one-time daredevil of the highway has transformed into a doting dad who never pushes the speedometer past a sluggish 65 mph.


The Psychology of Smoking and Its Affect on Insurance

WED | MAR 05, 2014

It has been 50 years since the U.S. Surgeon General released his report on smoking and its negative effects on health. During the ensuing half century, there's been a massive shift in public attitude toward smoking, as well as a significant change in the number of smokers


Helpful Resources for Inspired Entrepreneurs

WED | FEB 26, 2014

These days, the world is brimming with entrepreneurs. From tech-savvy millennials committed to creating their own web-based businesses to experienced baby boomers eager to make their own schedules so they can spend time with grandkids.


Shovel Safely: How to Prevent Snow Shoveling Injuries

WED | FEB 19, 2014

Snow shoveling is not for the faint of heart-literally. According to Dr. Thomas Esposito of Loyola University's Stritch School of Medicine, an average of 11,500 people visit U.S. emergency rooms each year for mishaps resultant from snow shoveling.


Fraud Prevention: Keep Yourself and Your Washington Business Safe

FRI | FEB 14, 2014

Fraudulent charges to your personal or business accounts can be both financially and emotionally devastating. Even if you do eventually recover the funds, the stress that results from having been stolen from can take a toll.


The Polar vortex: Are You Protected?

WED | FEB 05, 2014

The Polar Vortex: it sounds almost otherwordly, like a malicious entity from a science fiction movie, or a faraway frigid realm in which one is destined to dwell in perpetuity.


January is National Blood Donor Month

FRI | JAN 24, 2014

While December is the time of year when many of us focus on giving, the spirit of altruism and generosity flows into January, which is National Blood Donor Month.


Better Your Washington Business in 2014: Smart Business Resolutions

FRI | JAN 17, 2014

The first month of a new year is a time when we make resolutions to better tend to our physical and mental health, as well as the health of our relationships.


The Latest Breeze: Top Weather Resources

FRI | JAN 10, 2014

Those of us who live in seasonal places, other than perpetually sunny Florida and Southern California, are often at the mercy of a great force of nature, one that can affect our moods, alter our plans, dictate what we eat and do, and even influence our safety.


Home Pool Safety

THU | JAN 09, 2014

Swimming pools are wonderful complements to summer weather. Few things are better than stepping outside your home for a cool dip, hosting poolside parties or watching your kids play themselves to exhaustion in the water.


Great Minds Think Alike: Top 10 Most Common New Year's Resolutions

FRI | JAN 03, 2014

It turns out that few of us in Washington are as unique as we might like to think. Each New Year's Day, the common longings that unite us all come to the surface in the form of our resolutions, many of which are identical from one person to the next.


'Tis the Season...for Accidents: Preventing Holiday Home Mishaps

FRI | DEC 20, 2013

Things change around the house during the holidays. One family member is perched on a sky-high ladder hanging up festive lights on your home's exterior. Another is slaving over a hot stove for hours on end.


Railroad Crossing Safety

FRI | DEC 13, 2013

Railroad crossing collisions and casualties are more common than you might think. Last year, the Federal Railroad Administration reported 1,967 collisions at train crossings, 949 injuries, and 273 deaths.


Getting Ready for Fire Season, Clean your Chimneys and wood stoves

FRI | DEC 06, 2013

Nobody in Washington wants poor old Santa to emerge from the chimney looking like a scary, sooty monster. Now that the weather is truly chilly and the generous man from the North Pole is on his way, it's time to think about your chimney and/or make sure your wood stove is in fine working order.


Types of Social Media

FRI | NOV 29, 2013

Social media has many faces. A few social media sites, like Friendster, have been relatively short-lived, while others, like those listed below, appear to be here to stay.


Asbestos: The Hidden Health Hazard

FRI | NOV 22, 2013

Asbestos is a hidden health hazard that can lurk right in the place where you should feel the safest: home. It's important to keep in mind that even very limited exposure-such as what you might experience during a simple renovation project-can have long-term negative effects.


Facebook and Privacy: Can the Two Go Hand in Hand?

FRI | NOV 15, 2013

Is Facebook still a "friend" to the social media user who values some semblance of privacy? With the advent of Graph Search, Facebook's internal search engine, many Facebook users are feeling that their privacy is a thing of the past.


The Cons of Cruise Control

FRI | NOV 08, 2013

For those of us in Washington who are guilty of putting the pedal to the metal, cruise control has seemed like a real blessing. With the press of a button, you can pull your lead foot off of that accelerator, keep your vehicle at a safe and consistent speed, and avoid an expensive speeding ticket.


Spooky Houses: Oops! I bought a Haunted House in Washington!

FRI | OCT 25, 2013

Getting the keys to your very first home is almost always cause for celebration: you open the door, cross the threshold, and enter your very own castle - whether it be an apartment, a condo, or a single-family home.


Social Media: A True 'Friend' to Your Washington Business

FRI | OCT 18, 2013

No matter what your personal feelings may be about social media-maybe you love it and use it frequently to stay in touch with old friends while connecting with new ones, or perhaps you see it as a waste of time and an infringement on your privacy-as a business owner, you should utilize it.


Germaphobes Beware: The Lowdown on Smartphones and Other Bastions of Bacteria

FRI | OCT 11, 2013

Which do you think is a more bacteria-laden surface-a toilet seat or a smartphone? Surprisingly enough, in many cases, it's the latter. Recent research has revealed that smartphones can harbor a surprising amount of bacteria.


Every Burst Counts: New Discoveries About the Power of Short, Intense Workouts

FRI | OCT 04, 2013

For a long time, most devoted exercisers have adhered to the rule that a sustained stretch of aerobic exercise-one that kept your heart pounding for at least 10 minutes-was what garnered the desired results.


Liability Insurance: No Business is Too Little

FRI | SEP 27, 2013

As a small business owner in Washington, you've likely invested significant time, imagination, and money into getting your enterprise off the ground.


Power Strip Tips

FRI | SEP 20, 2013

What would we do without our handy power strips? Those convenient blocks of electrical sockets, which enable us to convert one outlet into several, make it possible to plug in all the gear that we can't live without these days.


Backyard Fire Pits: Safe Until Summer's End

FRI | SEP 13, 2013

With school starting, it's easy to forget that summer lingers well into late September, and the weather remains warm enough across the U.S. for most of us to continue enjoying our yards.


Lost Hardware Detectives: Track Down Your Missing Device with Cutting-Edge Apps

FRI | SEP 06, 2013

Part of what makes our iPhones, Androids, and the like so convenient is their diminutive size. They fit easily into pockets and purses and are extremely portable. The undesirable flip side to their petite stature, however, is how easily they can be left behind and lost, not to mention stolen.


Attention Drivers: Hands-Free Voice Messaging Not As Safe As it Seems

FRI | AUG 23, 2013

Talking on a handheld cellular device while driving has been banned in 11 states, and texting on one has been banned in 41-for good reason! Common sense says that conducting a phone conversation or looking down at a phone to compose a text message while driving is dangerous and at times deadly.


Back to School & Insurance

FRI | AUG 16, 2013

For most of the children in Washington, the end of August means those lazy dog days of summer are coming to a close, and those books and desks are what will be opening up next.


Social Media in the Workplace: Are Your Employees Over-Indulging?

FRI | AUG 09, 2013

So many Washington businesses rely on computers and the Internet in order to function optimally. But just as being connected to the web can have a beneficial effect on your business, so can it also have a detrimental one.


Dog Bites Cost Big Bucks: Are You Insured?

FRI | AUG 02, 2013

We live in a litigious age, and while in days of yore, a friend, neighbor, postal worker, or other visitor to your home may have reacted with justifiable displeasure upon being bitten by your best friend (A.K.A. your dog).


Contractor Caution: Smart Tips to Avoid Getting Burned

THU | JUL 25, 2013

Just as you would be careful about choosing a nanny, a personal accountant, or a used car salesman, so should you use caution in selecting a contractor before you begin that home building project, renovation, or repair. Here are some good tips to avoid getting taken for a ride:


Umbrella Insurance for Washington Residents. Added Protection Where You Need It.

FRI | JUL 19, 2013

Sometimes, what appears to be an impenetrably solid roof above your head actually has little openings through which the rain can leak. The same is true of some car insurance and homeowner's insurance policies.


Tornado Preparedness: Staying Safe in a Twister

FRI | JUL 12, 2013

Thanks to a certain well-known and widely-loved MGM musical featuring a scarecrow, a tin man, and a cowardly lion, many of us, especially those who dwell on the East or West Coast, have thought of tornadoes as little more catalysts for traveling "over the rainbow."


Skin Cancer: A Scary Reality

FRI | JUL 05, 2013

It's summer. The weather's warm, the watermelon's on the picnic table, and the water in the swimming pool is just right. You want to be carefree, lighthearted, and let your guard down. But there's one area in which having your guard up can potentially save your life: sun protection.


Cell Phone Overdose: Tips for Prevention

FRI | JUN 28, 2013

Like it or not, the vast majority of us in Washington have become dependent on our cell phones. We rely on them not just as tools of oral communication (in fact, actually talking on the phone seems to be increasingly rare), but as tools for sending texts and emails, photos and more.


Sharks, Storms, and Sun: Washington Summer Safety Hazards

FRI | JUN 21, 2013

With summer comes an intoxicating sense of freedom and fun-one to which grownups are not immune. Even those of us in Washington who will continue with our usual 9-5 routines can't help but feel somewhat swept up in the magic of summer and all that it entails: hot days, shorts and sandals, etc.


Summer Safety for Kids

FRI | JUN 14, 2013

No one revels in the delights of summer like a kid. Washington schools are out, the sun is high and hot, and the long days are filled with light and the prospect of innumerable adventures.


Hiring Summer Interns

FRI | JUN 07, 2013

High-school and college students on break from classes are eager to gain experience in the workforce, particularly in positions that connect to their chosen career paths. It's smart to take advantage of their willingness to learn and help. Ideally, internships are mutually beneficial.


Springtime Sneezes: Common Seasonal Allergies and How to Beat Them

FRI | MAY 24, 2013

Spring is a time for renewal, but for allergy sufferers, it's a time for perpetually sneezing, rubbing itchy eyes, swallowing to relieve the sore feeling in your throat, or feeling constantly on the verge of the flu. What causes spring allergies? And can they be conquered?


Asteroid Hits Earth! Science Fiction, or Something to Fear

FRI | MAY 17, 2013

In 2013, a meteor-now known as the Chelyabinsk projectile-exploded over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk and the surrounding Ural region as it zoomed toward Earth. More than a thousand people were hurt by flying, broken glass.


Burnishing Your Business: Spring Cleaning at Work

FRI | MAY 10, 2013

Home sweet home is an obvious place to give a good scrubbing once springtime in Washington arrives. It's time to wipe the grime out of every nook and cranny, wash the carpets and curtains, and pack away the space heaters and down blankets.


The Air You Breathe: Household Air Pollution

FRI | MAY 03, 2013

We all know that pollution affects the soil, air, and water in our outdoor environment. Many of us in Washington have taken measures to minimize harm to our planet, but what about our indoor environments-the places we call home?


Fender Bender or Worse? File a Police Report!

FRI | APR 26, 2013

The insufficiently caffeinated driver behind you still has sleep in his eyes, and doesn't hit his brakes in time. He crashes into your back end-not too hard, but hard enough to elicit some concern, and maybe even a curse word or two. What do you do next?


Is Your Neighborhood Harmful to Your Health?

FRI | APR 19, 2013

We've all heard that certain nations and even states have healthier populations than others, but even your neighborhood can help to make or break your health.


Incentives for Employee Health

FRI | APR 12, 2013

If you are a business owner in Washington who pays for your employee's health coverage and sick leave, you have good reason to motivate these employees to stay healthy. Good employee health translates to good financial health for you and your business!


National Lawn and Garden Month

FRI | APR 05, 2013

Here are some earth-friendly ways to turn your outdoor living space into a paradise. If you live in an apartment and don't have your own patch of land, consider implementing these ideas in a community garden that you can share with neighbors!


Head Injuries in Washington Football

FRI | MAR 29, 2013

Hockey is a notoriously rough sport, and no part of the body is more vulnerable to injury by that cold, hard ice or that fast-flying puck (not to mention a fellow player's fist or elbow) than the head.


Employees and Insurance: What Business Owners Should Know

FRI | MAR 22, 2013

As Washington business owners, you have the option of hiring contract or permanent employees - and many more businesses are using contract workers while sorting out the uncertainty in the economy.


Water Back Up: Are You Prepared?

FRI | MAR 15, 2013

Too much water can even create problems in what seems like the safest of all places: home. When the quantity of water in and around your home is too much for your water removal systems to deal with, you have what is known as water back up.


Getting a Grip: The New Standard in Steering

FRI | MAR 08, 2013

Those of us in Washington who took our Drivers' Ed classes in decades past certainly remember the oft-repeated phrase "ten and two." Ten and two is a kind of code for the positions one's hands should take on a steering wheel.


National Wise Health Care Consumer Month

FRI | FEB 22, 2013

Do you consume health care wisely? This is the month for Washington residents to consider that question.


Love and Life Insurance: A perfect Match

FRI | FEB 15, 2013

Red hearts, chocolate, lace, and roses: it's that time of year again. With February comes Valentine's Day, and with Valentine's Day comes thoughts of love.


Fact or Fiction: Identifying Insurance Myths!

FRI | FEB 08, 2013

Insurance can be a tricky business. Shopping for can feel intimidating because there are so many providers and plans to choose from, so much fine print...and so many misconceptions! Yes, myths abound in the insurance world, and they are perpetuated as readily and colorfully as any fairy tales.


Your Business: Planning for the Future

MON | FEB 04, 2013

Most business owners in Washington are so preoccupied by what's happening in the present-customers or clients to serve, bills to pay, employees to manage-that they scarcely have a free moment to think about the future.


Winter Sport Mishaps: Staying Safe in the Snow

FRI | JAN 25, 2013

One of the best ways to beat the winter blahs is to stay active. When the weather in Washington is chilly, the sky is gray, and your mood is blue, it's smart-and fun-to get out and get moving.


New Year, New Resolutions, New Insurance Rates

FRI | JAN 18, 2013

Resolving to make improvements to your health and habits in 2013 can do more than just improve your longevity, your quality of life, your appearance, and your attitude; it can also work to put more money in your pocket!


Off the Job Safety: What is it?

FRI | JAN 11, 2013

Off the job safety is essentially an extension of on-the-job safety rules. Designed to keep employees in Washington safe and healthy even when they are not at work, off the job safety ensures that they can keep coming back to work and keep contributing to the company!


Protecting your Home from Ice and Snow Damage. Are you Protected?

FRI | JAN 04, 2013

As much pleasure as they can give, snow and ice can also cause damage to your property. Here's how you can protect your home from ice and snow damage:


Insurance for Businesses in Unconventional Locations

FRI | DEC 28, 2012

More and more business owners are seeing the economic advantage of basing their business in an unconventional locale, such as a home studio or office, or a shared space with a fellow entrepreneur. There are hundreds of types of business owners whose enterprises are suited for home offices.


Extravagant Holiday Gifts and How to Protect Them

FRI | DEC 21, 2012

Very few of us have the means-or the desire-to give gifts that qualify as "extravagant." What's an extravagant gift? It's a gift that turns that timeless old adage, "It is better to give than to receive," on its head.


Holiday Party Hullabaloos: Are You Prepared?

FRI | DEC 14, 2012

The invitations have been sent, the hors d'oeuvres ordered, the house decorated, and the liquor cabinet replenished. You're ready to host a fabulous holiday party! Before you open the front door to a flurry of friends and family, however, make sure that you have the necessary insurance in place.


Car Winterizing Tips

FRI | DEC 07, 2012

Snow, ice, and cold temperatures all drastically change the nature of driving in Washington. During the winter months, these factors demand that you make changes to both the inside and outside of your vehicle.


Workers' Compensation Insurance: Why and How You Should Get It

FRI | NOV 23, 2012

You've done it-you've transformed a brilliant idea into reality, and started your own business in Washington. It's wonderful; you don't have to answer to a boss, you can work the hours you want, and you feel truly in charge of your own future.


Insurance We Don't Think of as Insurance

FRI | NOV 16, 2012

Most of us in Washington have insurance for our homes, cars or businesses. We know life insurance is part of any good financial plan and health insurance can protect us from catastrophic medical bills. But there are a few other programs that we come in contact with.


November: Child Safety and Protection Month

FRI | NOV 09, 2012

Today's youngsters, who will inherit this world from us, are tomorrow's leaders, who will use their varied gifts to shape it. Keeping them safe and protected ensures a brighter future for all.


Good Insurance Makes Good Neighbors

FRI | NOV 02, 2012

Most Washington residents can readily point a finger at a neighbor who has proven to be less than considerate. But there is at least one thing every single one of us can do to be a better neighbor: have home insurance liability coverage.


Spooky Insurance Claims: Will You Be Haunted by a Halloween Trick?

FRI | OCT 26, 2012

Halloween is a holiday during which innocence is celebrated. Washington residents delight in dressing our little ones up in funny costumes and escorting them around the block so they can charm the candy out of neighbors' hands.


Non-Profit Insurance: Are You Covered?

FRI | OCT 19, 2012

Non-profit organizations are just as vulnerable to lawsuits as private companies-except they rarely have the financial resources to deal with costly claims that their for-profit counterparts do.


Back to School and Behind the Wheel: Driving Tips for Washington Teens

FRI | OCT 12, 2012

Even with Halloween looming on the horizon, the prospect of so many newly licensed Washington teen drivers getting behind steering wheels is undoubtedly the most frightening thing about fall.


Still Standing: How to Help Your Washington Home Survive a Storm

FRI | OCT 05, 2012

A few years ago, Hurricane Ike tore through the Bolivar Peninsula in Texas, leaving almost nothing but rubble in its wake. Before the hurricane, some 200 homes had proudly stood along the peninsula's coastline, their inhabitants enjoying idyllic lives on the beach.


Frugal Fall: Top 5 Ways to Cut the Cost of your Washington Homeowner's Insurance

FRI | SEP 28, 2012

Wouldn't it be wonderful if, when you raked your front lawn this autumn, each and every fallen leaf were a hundred dollar bill? If Fall was actually short for "windfall"? If money really did grow on trees?


Insurance Rates and the Law of Large Numbers: Making Sense of the Math

FRI | SEP 21, 2012

The law of large numbers is a statistical concept that relates to probability. It is one of the factors insurance companies use to determine their rates.


So You Think You Know About Business Insurance? Take This Quiz.

FRI | SEP 14, 2012

You may consider yourself well versed when it comes to the ins and outs of business insurance in Washington, especially if you own a business in Washington. But just how accurate and in-depth is your knowledge?


Back to School Insurance: Keeping College-Bound Kids Covered

FRI | SEP 07, 2012

One important matter that may be easily forgotten amidst all the back to school concerns is that of insurance. In particular, health and property are two aspects of every college student's life that may require new coverage.


Umbrella Insurance Explained

FRI | AUG 24, 2012

Chances are you already have a number of different insurance policies in place. It's almost inevitable, however, that even with all that protection, there are some cracks in your coverage. Umbrella insurance is designed to essentially seal those cracks, so that all your bases are covered.


Home Improvement Projects: Are You Properly Insured?

FRI | AUG 17, 2012

Summer in Washington is prime time for home improvement projects. Whether you're repainting your home's exterior, replacing the roof, adding on, or constructing a new patio, a home improvement project can beautify your home and add to its overall comfort.


Robotic Cars: A 21st Century Reality

FRI | AUG 10, 2012

Those of us old enough to recall a choice bit of pop culture from the early 1980s might recall a fictional vehicle that seemed to have a mind and personality all its own. Its name was KITT, and it was the sporty, black car endowed with artificial intelligence.


Common Summer Mishaps

FRI | AUG 03, 2012

Summer isn't all sweetness and light. Beneath the charm of Washington's sunshiny days, ice cream trucks, bare feet, and barbecues lurks the ever-present potential for all manner of mishaps.


Unusual Work-Related Insurance Policies and Claims

FRI | JUL 27, 2012

Insurance affects-and protects-virtually all the most fundamental parts of our lives here in Washington: home, health, transportation, and even work.


Insurance Policy Exclusions

FRI | JUL 20, 2012

Chances are if you carry any sort of insurance policy in Washington, you are somewhat familiar with the concept of exclusions. An exclusion is, in layman's terms, simply something that an insurance policy doesn't cover; it is literally excluded from protection by the policy.


Summer Driving and Car Insurance

FRI | JUL 13, 2012

Whether it's a leisurely, romantic drive down a country road, a fun-filled family vacation, or a raucous road trip across the country with friends, summer is prime time for excursions in the car.


Keeping the Flames at Bay: Protecting Your Home from Forest Fires

FRI | JUL 06, 2012

The forest is full of life, and dwelling close to one means you have the privilege of living among all kinds of animals, plants, and trees-not to mention the chance to savor a degree of peace and quiet not available to those who set up house in the city.


Car Insurance Costs: The Role of Vehicle Safety and Performance

FRI | JUN 22, 2012

For better or for worse, our world is full of cars: big ones, little ones, electric ones, ancient ones, and fresh-from-the-factory models with paint so shiny you can see your face in them. Needless to say, with so much variety on the roads in Washington, not all cars are created equal.


Smooth Sailing: Boat Insurance

FRI | JUN 15, 2012

Is there any better place to spend a sunny summer day than on the water? Washington boat lovers would certainly say no.


Have Laptop, Will Travel: Keeping Data Secure

FRI | JUN 08, 2012

If you're a business owner in Washington, you may have employees who take company laptops and smartphones with them during their summer travels. This is wonderfully convenient because it allows employees to stay in touch and work while they are in distant locales.


Dangerous Breeds: Will Your Pet Affect Your Premium

FRI | JUN 01, 2012

Chances are, Washington residents have caught wind of the insurance policies designed specifically for pets. Perhaps you even have health insurance policies for your furry, four-legged friends to protect your finances in the event that they become ill or injured.


The Evolution of Insurance: From Fire Marks to Fire Insurance Pools

FRI | MAY 25, 2012

Times have changed substantially since the dog-eat-dog days of fire marks-distinctive plaques fashioned of lead or copper that home and business owners displayed on their property to indicate that it was insured against fire.


Hurricane Season: Are You Prepared?

FRI | MAY 11, 2012

On the West Coast, hurricane season begins May 15th and ends November 30th. On the east coast, the season starts on June 1st and also ends November 30th. Don't live on the coast? Don't assume you're safe.


Making Sure Washington Home Improvement Contractors are Properly Insured

FRI | MAY 04, 2012

Do you have home or office improvements planned for this summer? Perhaps you're finally going to build that beautiful patio cover you've been imagining for so long, so you can dine al fresco with friends and family and still have protection from August's blazing sun.


The Weird World of Insurance: A Policy That Covers What?

FRI | APR 27, 2012

Most people think of insurance for things like home, autos, life or health, right? But have you ever heard about some of the strange things people have covered by insurance, such as a body part, perhaps, for a celebrity?


In Honor of Earth Day: Green Your Life, Update Your Washington Insurance Policy

FRI | APR 20, 2012

Earth Day is a time for those of us in Washington to celebrate the miraculous beauty of our precious planet and all its offerings, as well as to make changes to our own habits and lives that will help to preserve the earth for many generations to come.


April Showers and Other Spring Hazards

FRI | APR 13, 2012

Perhaps poet T.S. Eliot was onto much more than he realized when he wrote, "April is the cruelest month..." Sadly, April showers bring more than sweet summer flowers. They also help to create an assortment of hazards that can do serious damage your Washington home sweet home.


Protecting Your Privacy on the Web

FRI | APR 06, 2012

The Internet: it's a part of every Washington household, an indispensable resource, a source of endless entertainment, and an incomparably effective communication tool. Most of us can hardly imagine life without it.


Cloud Computing: Revolutionary or Just Plain Risky?

THU | MAR 22, 2012

The cloud allows users to store and remove data from a remote server through a network, but the cloud isn't new and it isn't limited to Apple's iCloud; the concept has been around for a while, and has existed in one form or another for years.


Strange Claims and Curious Coverage: The Weird World of Insurance

FRI | MAR 16, 2012

Do you consider yourself one of those people to whom nothing is shocking? Have you seen and heard it all? Do you merely roll your eyes, unsurprised and unimpressed, at the quirks and foibles of your fellow humans?


Stay Healthy and Save Money: How Good Nutrition Can Affect Your Health Insurance

FRI | MAR 09, 2012

March is National Nutrition Month. This means that not only will many of us in Washington give our homes a good spring cleaning in the next few weeks, but some of us will also approach our dietary habits with the same spirit of revitalization.

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