Sea Mountain Insurance offers bond services that protect your business. Bonding is a form of insurance for your business that can provide invaluable peace of mind, all at affordable rates.

What is bonding?

Bonding is a form of insurance for your business. Bonds are contracts between an issuer (the person or company writing the bond) and an obligee (the person or company the bond protects). When the obligee makes a claim on the bond, the issuer agrees to pay for some type of obligation.

Who bonds businesses?

Some common types of bonds are contract, license and permit, judicial and probate, surety. These bonds can be used to cover different types of expenses like liability, taxes, payrolls, and more.

Why should my company get bonded?

The benefits of bonding include peace of mind for business owners and protection against unforeseen events such as lawsuit judgments against you; payment due to injury or property damage; or unpaid taxes. Protect yourself with bonding today!


We Can Help

At Sea Mountain Insurance, we're not your typical insurance agency. We're an independent insurance agency representing some of the top property & casualty companies in the country. We're able to offer our clients a broad range of products that provide them with the assurance that they need to protect their assets, their family's future, and their livelihood. Contact us about Bonds or for a free review and quote for Bonds.



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