Considering Getting a Pet? How to Decide What Animal is Right for You

Pets spark joy in people’s lives. They’re a friend, companion, and comfort in difficult times, and research shows they make us happy.

But picking the best pet for your lifestyle is critical to having a good relationship with your animal companion. Some of the main reasons people surrender their animals to the shelters is because people’s lives change, they didn’t realize how much training is involved, and they don’t have enough time to take care of the animal.

Consider whether your lifestyle is best suited for a pet, and if so, which one. Here are some things to contemplate as you’re making this big decision.


A big factor in pet care is time. Some animals, like dogs, are more high-energy, and require lots of time to get exercise and socialize with people or other animals. Even within the category of dogs, different dogs require more attention than others. Bulldogs are ok with much less exercise than a Border Collie or Golden Retriever.

For dogs, consider how long you’ll be gone during the day, and whether you’ll want a dog walker or if you can leave the dog in the backyard.

Cats, of course, don’t need to go on walks and require much less attention than dogs. However, cats are diverse in their needs too, and some cats like to play or snuggle with their owners while others want to be left alone.

When you’re looking for a pet, check with the shelter or adoption center to see how much time and attention they think is required for your animal.


Are you someone who likes to take long vacations or leave town at a moment’s notice? Do you have small children, or are you planning on having small children soon? How many people in your home would be ok taking care of your pet? Do you love going on outdoor adventures and want a high-energy companion to come along?

Taking stock of your lifestyle is important to consider when picking out a pet. Don’t sign up for something that is too overwhelming for you, or pick an animal that is underwhelming.

Financial resources

The cost of a pet can add up: leashes, kennels, food, animal litter, water bowls, toys, treats, bedding. And then of course there’s the pet’s health.

Pet insurance is an important precaution when it comes to taking care of your pet, as it can cover medical bills, getting a microchip implanted, or prescribed medication.

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