Do you need professional liability insurance?

Most of us understand what malpractice insurance is.

But doctors aren’t the only professionals who need protection from the unique risks incurred by their decisions. If you work in a career in which your professional knowledge and training dramatically impact the lives of others, and you could be sued if someone alleges you provided terrible advice, you might benefit from professional liability insurance.

This is a broad career group, including other medical professionals who aren’t protected from malpractice insurance – such as nurses, physical and occupational therapists, and pharmacists. Other professions needing protection include engineers, architects, lawyers, accountants, and even teachers and athletic trainers—and, oh yes, insurance agents.

The truth is that the definition of professional isn’t limited.

If you have specific education and training for a skilled vocation, you could be liable for the decisions you make, opening you up to legal action.

General liability coverage isn’t enough. You’ll need to protect yourself with a professional liability insurance policy that covers you for the actions and decisions made as part of your profession.

You may or may not need this type of insurance, depending on the extent of your legal exposure, but it’s worth asking the question. Talk to your insurance agent to discuss the pros and cons of professional liability insurance.

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