How to Cultivate Your Employees’ Mental Health with These Small Practices

An old school mentality toward work might argue that the office is not an appropriate place to talk about health or emotions. But that mentality leaves a huge blindspot on the importance of the wellbeing for employees and your business.

When workers are stressed, depressed, or anxious, this leads to poor job performance, lack of communication or engagement with coworkers, and the inability to function, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports. Employees with untreated mental health challenges may be more likely to be absent and impact the overall morale of the company, the National Library of Medicine found.


Making health and wellbeing something that’s ok to talk about and provide support for is the right thing to do for employees, and will also make your business operate better. It doesn’t take a huge lift either to start implementing mental health support in the workday. Here are some ways to make it a priority, regardless of how big or small your company is.

Promote health practices

To promote employee mental health, start by setting a good example. This involves being open to talking about how you’re doing, and giving your colleagues the space to do the same. Encourage taking care of oneself throughout the day, whether that’s a 20-minute walk midday or taking time to do meditation. Some businesses start their meetings by having a quick check-in so everyone can share a word or two about how they’re feeling. These practices help people realize that everyone is coming to work from a different starting point, and gives each other permission to feel as they do while also being patient and gracious with each other.


Make sure that your employees are provided with insurance that covers their mental health. Having the ability to afford treatments, from counseling to medication, means that your employees won’t struggle to take care of themselves. Comprehensive insurance that provides a wide range of health supports is also important for employee wellbeing, as our physical and mental health is intricately connected.


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