How to Keep Your Family & Home Safe During Firework Season

There’s no denying that fireworks are a dazzling display at any time of year. Whether it’s a parade, a post sporting-match win, or a celebration of our country’s independence, a flashy fireworks show gets us all in the mood to celebrate.

But fireworks are best enjoyed at a safe distance, and should be handled with expertise and caution. In 2019, U.S. emergency rooms saw about 10,000 injuries related to fireworks. And that’s not just injuries experienced by adults. A little more than one-third of those injuries happened to children under the age of 15.

When not used properly, fireworks can also present hazards to land and homes. About 19,500 fires were started from fireworks in 2018, the National Fire Protection Association estimated. While most of those occurred in brush, grass, or forest, a small portion set fire to structures, like homes, which resulted in injuries and deaths.

That’s why it’s so important to follow the best safety practices when it comes to firework displays year round. That way you can keep your family and community safe while also celebrating the occasions and holidays most important to you.

Keep away from children

While most fireworks injuries are due to larger explosives, even small ones like firecrackers and sparklers can cause injuries in the wrong hands. Keep fireworks away from children. Help them find the best seat to watch the fireworks from a safe distance. The noise and lights are more than enough to keep any child happily entertained.

Maintain a safe distance

Fireworks are filled with gunpowder and other explosive materials, which means you should never handle a lit one in your hands. Never point a firework at anyone else. If you’re lighting them off, maintain a safe distance from houses, trees, and people. Fireworks should be lit on flat surfaces cleared of debris. If a firework doesn’t light, don’t try to relight it.

Keep water nearby

Whether it’s a hose or a bucket, keep a source of water nearby to dose used fireworks or to prepare for any sparks that might land in brush or grass. The Washington State Fire Marshal’s Office recommends letting used fireworks sit undisturbed for 20 minutes, before soaking them in water for 10 minutes.

Protect your pets

Our furry friends can be frightened by the loud, flashy displays we love to see. Keep your pet inside, perhaps in their kennel, while the fireworks are going on. Not only will it help calm your pet’s anxiety, it will also prevent them from running away or knocking over any fireworks and causing injuries.

Let the experts take the reins

The most relaxing way to enjoy a fireworks show is from a safe distance while the experts trained to handle gunpowder and fire set them off for the enjoyment of all. Consider saving some money and maximizing your enjoyment by watching a fireworks show from afar!

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