How to Pay Attention to Your Employees' Wellbeing

Good businesses don’t just care about the products they’re producing. They care about the people who are producing them.

Paying attention to your employees to make sure they are physically and mentally supported is the right thing to do for your people. It’s also the right thing to do for your business.

Studies have found that when employees’ wellbeing is high, it positively impacts performance at work. Employee retention and productivity will be better. People will feel like they can share ideas, have their contributions respected, and contribute to a positive work environment.

Here are some ways you can help contribute to your employees’ wellbeing in the office.

Weekly check ins

You may have weekly one-on-one check-ins at your business between employees and their managers. This is a good place not just to talk about the week’s workload, but also to see how they’re doing.

This doesn’t have to be an invasive list of questions. Sometimes simply giving people the space to honestly answer “How are you doing?” helps them feel like their supervisor understands and cares about their lives outside of the workplace.

Make sure that your employees know it’s ok to talk about their lives outside of work — their kids, their hobbies, their families. Bringing one’s whole self into the workplace can also lead to more creative ideas, and a better understanding of the people your business serves.

Have flexibility

Life is chaotic, weird, and constantly changing, so it’s very natural that you and your employees will have events that happen that require some flexibility in work schedules. That could be personal health concerns, family challenges, children’s big life events, deaths, births, and more.

Your employees will feel supported if you give them the space to go through some of these life events. Allow for flexibility and encourage this mindset in your team as well. That way everyone will be understanding if someone needs some time away from the workplace because they know that support will be there for them when they need it, too.

Health insurance

If your employees aren’t healthy, they’re going to have a hard time showing up as their best selves. Healthy brains, healthy bodies, and healthy immune systems are the foundation of great relationships, great ideas, and great teamwork.

That’s why it’s important your employees have access to health insurance that takes care of their physical, emotional, and mental well-being.


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