Podcasts for Your Commute to Help You and Your Kids Gain New Perspectives

Long commutes are starting to return as families make their way back to jobs and school. That means it’s a great time to consider how to make the long car rides more enjoyable.

Podcasts can be a great way to do this, as there are tens of thousands that range from educational to entertaining (and the best ones do both!).

Here are some that can help you gain new perspectives.

Short Wave

Interested in babbling baby bats, fake surfing technology in Texas, or protecting Sequoia trees? This is a podcast from NPR that comes in 10 minute segments. It explains science in a way that is interesting, surprising, and easy to understand, even if it’s a topic you don’t necessarily know anything about.

Wow in the World

This podcast is specifically designed for kids, and brings the latest news in innovative technology. The episodes range from 10-30 minutes and cover topics like a new kind of pasta, recycling, or whether there’s life on Venus!

The past and the curious

This is a great podcast for people interested in history. Designed for kids, the episodes cover events and people you may not remember learning in school, like the professor who envisioned a transatlantic balloon flight, or one of the most important musicians of all time who lost several fingers.

But Why

It’s a question likely heard too often by tired parents just looking for five minutes of relaxation. “But Why” can finally give your kids some answers (or give them even more questions!). Episodes cover topics like why Americans use the word soccer when other countries use the word football. Or whether seeds are alive or not. You might start asking your own “but why” soon enough!

Stories Podcast

It’s not possible to read your kids a book while you’re driving, but you can play them a story all the same with Stories Podcast, which covers fables and fairy tales. 


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