Some of the More ‘Explosive’ Insurance Claims in Washington State (And a Reminder to Check Your Gas Lines)

Action movie lovers can expect to see at least one epic explosion scene where the hero escapes the chaos within an inch of their lives.

While we’d strongly prefer these movie explosion sequences remain in the land of fiction, some people in Washington state have unwittingly found themselves in the midst of a real life eruption, thankfully making it out completely unharmed.

Here are some of the more explosive insurance claims Washingtonians have reported (and we have an important safety tip below to help you make sure the lines in your home are working properly).

Careful around the barbecues

There’s nothing like a good barbecue in the summer months but take extra precaution that yours won’t lead to unwanted fire! One person created a ground barbecue by digging a pit along the side of the house to cook food. However, they didn’t realize that the spot they’d chosen to dig their pit was right above a gas line that ran into the house.

As the briquettes in their barbecue became hot enough to start cooking the food, the heat also began to melt the plastic liner of the gas line just a short distance below the pit. This caused the gas to begin escaping from the line, and it started travelling in the space around the metal pipe, right into the house. Soon enough, the gas became so much that it caused an explosion. Thankfully, no one was harmed.

The trailer went boom

If you’re connecting propane to a trailer, please make sure it’s connected securely! One individual was spending the night in a trailer in the driveway of their family’s house. However, the propane tank was not properly connected to the trailer, which allowed propane to slowly fill the bottom of the trailer as the individual slept there overnight.

When they woke up in the morning, they sat up in bed and lit a cigarette. This spark created an explosion that blasted the top and sides off the trailer. Miraculously, because the individual was at the center of the explosion, they remained unharmed (except for some singed hair and mild burns from the flash) as the materials of the trailer blew away from them.

It’s an important reminder for us all when we’re using gas or propane around the home to make sure gas lines are working properly.

Curious how you can quickly check? Fill a spray bottle with water and a little dish soap and spray your gas connections (gas or propane) with the mixture. If there is a gas leak, bubbles will be created, but if there are no bubbles, then you can confirm that there are likely no leaks.

Make sure your home is protected from any events or accidents, whether they’re explosive or not. Contact a Sea Mountain Homeowners Insurance specialist to learn more.